Authorization Letter for Transcription of Records

When you write authorization letters you should remember that you are writing a formal type of letter. Authorization letter is an important part of the official written communication. You have to write authorization letters for many purposes in your daily interactions with organizations or individuals. Through the letter of authorization, you authorize someone on your behalf to perform some official tasks. The person who represents you gets the authority to sign on your behalf on the official documents because of the letter of authorization. The concerned organization or the individual cannot take any objection to such a representation after receiving the authorization letter.

You need the transcription of some important records from the office of some organization; but cannot go there in person to collect it. Here the authority letter is a powerful tool in your hand. Since you need the documents badly you assign the work of collecting the transcription to someone whom you know well and hence is trustworthy. However, the concerned authorities in the organization might not be ready to hand over your important transcriptions to someone other than you. The letter of authorization makes the concerned authorities trust the authenticity of your representative.

When you write an authorization letter for the transcription of records, try to keep the letter short, simple and precise. It is better to mention the intent of your letter at the outset. The tone of the letter should be serious. You should use the simple yet formal language and put the facts in short. You can put the reason behind you absence in a sentence or two. However, there is no scope for flowery language in such letters. You are not supposed to use complex sentences or jargons. Remember, authorization letters are written to avoid confusions or controversies. These letters should not lead to any confusion.

Here is one of the ideal formats to write an authorization letter for the transcription of vital records. Remember, this is just one format and not the only way of drafting authorization letters.

James Holdings
57, New College Road
London- BBND 1ZZ
Contact No.: 8087437621

Whom it may concern
Office of Vital Records

London- EC3A2AD

Sub: Authorization to collect the transcription of records

Respected Sir/ Madam,

I, the undersigned, need the duplicate transcriptions of my birth certificate, the copies of the records of the paid home taxes in the last two years and the copy of my domicile certificate for some official purposes. I am down with influenza and hence not in the physical condition to come to your office to collect the required documents in person. I therefore hereby authorize Mr. George Holder, Manager, Perfection Enterprises to apply for and collect the transcriptions of the above mentioned records currently present on file in your office. I do not have any objection for Mr. George Holder signing the documents on my behalf in my absence. I hope this letter of authorization will make things clear and easy for both the sides. I am sure, you will do the needful.

Thanking you
Sincerely yours,
- Signature

This is how you can draft an authorization letter for the transcription of records. Such a neatly written letter makes things easier for the concerned authorities and for you too. We do not mind if you pick up some of the sentences from this letter while drafting your own authority letter.

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