Authorization Letter to Travel with Children

Letter of authorization comes under the formal or the official type of letter writing. Authority letter is written to give authority to a particular person or a group of persons so that the person or the group can represent you in the official dealings and get things done on your behalf.

Authorization letter to travel with children is written ideally by the parents of the children. Many a time children go on school trips or some other academic itineraries along with the persons other than their parents. In this case parents have to sign a letter of authorization saying that they authorize their children to travel along with the concerned persons. This letter is a proof that the parents trust the person accompanying their children in the travel. Though due care is taken in the school trips and educational tours, it is necessary for schools or the concerned institutes to get the letter of authorization written by the parents.

If names of both the parents appear on the birth certificate of the child, ideally both the names should come in the letter of authorization. There should be a clear mention to the name of the person going with the children on the travel. If multiple adults are going to accompany children, names of all of them should appear on the letter of authorization.

It is recommended that the proof of the child's medical insurance coverage should be enclosed with the letter. In case of the divorced parents, it is advisable to enclose the copy of the custody agreement along with the authority letter.

This being a formal type of letter, there is no need to write a long letter. We have given below an ideal example of how to draft an authorization letter to travel with children. There is no scope for flowery language in such a letter. A particular format and the selection of formal language put the restrictions on the length of the letter. The letter should comprise just a small paragraph of 4-5 lines. There should not be any ambiguity in the letter. Here follows the example.

March 20, 2011

We Mr. Samuel Jones and Mrs. Anna Jones, hereby authorize our child, Alan Samuel Jones to travel to Newark on March 23, 2011 aboard Newark Airlines Flight no. B-231with Mr. Steve Grey returning on March 26, 2011 aboard Newark Airlines Flight no. B-188. We hereby declare that we know Mr. Steve Grey very well and allow him to take our child along.

Signatures of both parents

Mr. Samuel Jones and Mrs. Anna Jones

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