Birthday Letter to Best Friend

I am sure; celebrating your best friend's birthday is like celebrating your own birthday. When you call someone your best friend, it means the differences between the two beings melt away and you become a single soul. You plan for the grand celebrations on this very special day. You want to make the day memorable for him.

It might so happen that you cannot reach your friend's place on his birthday; but at least your letter can. How about writing a beautiful birthday letter to your best friend and extending your warm wishes? Just a line will make wonders. That will be the best gift for your best friend on his birthday. Even if you two are going to meet for the birthday celebrations, it's no harm sending a nice letter.

When you write to your best friend, it becomes an informal way of communication in the strictest sense of the term. Naturally, you need not stick to any particular rigid format of letter writing. However, the free flow of your feelings should have some cohesion and coherence. Your friend will be interested in knowing how you look at his birthday, what you think about your friendship and what place he has in your life. His birthday is just an occasion; just an opportunity for you to express your sincere gratitude towards him for being your true friend.

I won't say you have to be perfect in your writing skills for such a letter. It is possible that you falter for words. You may have all your feelings for your friend gathered in your mind; but you may not be able to put them in an impressive sequence. Let me help you here. Here follows one of the drafts of a birthday letter written to the best friend.


My dear friend Michael,

I hope this letter reaches to find my best friend in the pink of health. Let me wish you a very happy birthday! May God bless you with good health, happiness, affluence, sound health and a long life!

I am fortunate indeed to have you as my best friend. It has been a long span of seven years since we met for the first time and to me these seven years have been the most fruitful period of my life. You know how choosy I am about friends. When you call me your friend, I really feel honored. I am proud to have such a scholar as my friend. I have learnt so many good things in your company. You have always been my philosopher and a guide as well in this journey of life so far. I want to grab this opportunity to thank you for your support, your encouragement and your precious company. I am grateful to God that He introduced me to you. I really am!

Michael, I am planning to come to your place to wish you in person this evening; but I know how much you appreciate letter writing and hence I wrote a few lines to you. I am really happy that you have preserved all my letters to you so far and this letter is going to be an addition to the collection. Each word in this letter and each letter in every word is yearning to be read by you and I am sure you would like to see my improved handwriting in this letter. Of course credit goes to you because you have taken a lot of efforts to improve it and now you see the results.

I have bought a book of Tennyson's poems for you. Well, let us not call it a birthday gift. You will get a special gift when we meet. We will have fun in the evening. Once again let me wish you many happy returns of the day.

Your friend


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