Break Up Letter to Boyfriend

When everything goes well, the relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend takes a tangible shape; but if some things go wrong, the break up becomes necessary; howsoever unfortunate it may sound. God forbid; but if you have to write a break up letter to your boyfriend, you might find it a bit difficult. Both you and your boyfriend are going to part with a heavy heart and the selection of words in such a situation is a hard task. However sending a break up letter is a pretty graceful way of ending the relationship.

There is no need to use curt or rude language in a break up letter to your boyfriend. Whatever be the reason behind the break up, both you and your boyfriend have shared a sweet bond of love in the past and so you should be grateful to each other for the sweet moments they spent together in the past. I think you should not grumble much about the reasons which led to your break up and should instead mention the positive aspects of your relationship.

Disappointments should also be mentioned in the letter; but you need not sound helpless without your boyfriend. You can mention what you expected from this relationship and what you got in the process. However, remember one thing. There should not be any blame game in the break up letter. The letter should be as short, simple and precise as possible. You should not be sarcastic either in such a letter.

Here follows one of the drafts of a break up letter written to boyfriend.

My dear Michael

I feel it extremely unfortunate to use the words like 'break up' and 'ending the relationship'; but circumstances have made me use these words. I know, the realization that we cannot continue our relationship any further is sad. However, parting seems to be the only solution to our problem. I have told you before and I maintain that I want to become an air hostess and want to fly high. That has been my dream since childhood and for that I have to leave this town and shift to London. I still want you to come with me; but I don't know what makes you stay back here.

Michael, I know you are a nice person; simple yet graceful and that is why I love you. When we met two years back, it was your simplicity and honesty which impressed me a lot. We got along very well and pretty soon we were in love. Things happened so fast that none of the two got time to think. We even came to the conclusion that we could not live without each other.

But I think that time we were not aware of the limitations of our relationship. When I sensed that for you your feelings and emotions are more important and for me being practical matters most, it made me think about this relationship practically. I tried to make you realize the importance of your responsibilities but you seemed self-complacent. I cannot make any comprises with my aims in life and since you don't seem to change your attitude, I think it's time for both of us to end this relationship. Let me go in pursuit of my dreams. I won't force you any longer.

Michael, I am grateful to you and will remain so throughout my life. I have spent some of the sweetest moments with you. I have had some of the most beautiful experiences of my life with you. The way you speak mesmerizes me. The way you help others makes me feel proud of you. But these traits are not enough for you to lead a safe and comfortable life and for me the life of ease and comfort is the life to be lived. I will keep in touch with you; but just as a friend; not your girlfriend anymore. I did not intend to hurt you by my words; but still if you feel hurt while reading this letter, forgive me for my bluntness.

Your friend,

This is one way to write a break up letter. Heaven forbid but if you have to write a letter for such an unfortunate reason this letter will certainly help you draft your own break up letter to your boyfriend.

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