Break Up Letter to Girlfriend

The relationship between a girlfriend and a boyfriend is beautiful; but it is as brittle as a chalk and as delicate as glass. When everything goes well, the relationship can take a solid shape; but if some things go wrong, the break up is inevitable. Howsoever unfortunate the incident may look; writing a break up letter brings a graceful end to the relationship. Both the sender and the recipient are going to part with a heavy heart. However the break up letter may make things easier for both which otherwise would get pretty complex and complicated in a verbal interaction.

The tone of the break up letter has to be serious if both the boyfriend and the girlfriend have taken the relationship seriously. The reasons for breaking up may be various and many a time they are valid as well. Sometimes circumstances demand the two to part; sometimes misunderstanding separates them; sometimes practical reasons like career opportunities make it necessary to break up.

When it comes to writing a break up letter to girlfriend, it is advisable not to use curt or rude language. Whatever be the reason behind the break up, both boyfriend and the girlfriend should be grateful to each other for the sweet moments they spent together in the past. I think one should start the letter with a short account of this sweet period in their lives. There can be a mention of the positive aspects of the relationship.

Then the disappointments will get a place in the letter. The boyfriend can mention what were his expectations from his girlfriend and what he got in the process. However, let not any blame game find place in the break up letter. A break up letter should be short, simple and precise. There is no scope for flowery language in such a letter. One should not be sarcastic while writing a break up letter to girlfriend.

Here follows one of the drafts of a break up letter written to girlfriend.

My dear Jenny,

Yes, you are my dear Jenny and will ever remain dear to me. However, the reason behind this letter is the realization that it is not prudent on our part to continue our relationship. My words will hurt you like willful shafts; but I think it is good for your bright future that I go away from your life. You want to be an air hostess and fly high. I am a simple man giving more importance to the family life. I don't want our preferences to be the obstacles in our relationship and so better I fade away.

Jenny, I do admit that it was your beauty which drew me towards you and you liked my simplicity. We got along very well and didn't even understand when our friendship took the form of love. Vows were taken; we enjoyed that initial period of our wooing and winning. We even reached the conclusion that we could not exist without each other. It has just been a year or so since we met for the first time; but I must say I have lived ages together with you during this short span of a year.

Unfortunately this sweet period of our lives didn't last long and for the past three months we have been living among the conflicts; both internal and mutual. Now the dreams are shattered and the realization of reality is very harsh. If we think in the long run I don't think we will prove to be a good couple. As I have told you many a time before, it will be difficult for me to see you as an air hostess as your job will always keep you away from me. I also fear that we might have some ego problems as well. Yours will be a high profile job and mine with a meager income. I don't want to spoil our lives by eternal conflicts and quarrel.

Jenny, I will remain grateful to you throughout my life. You helped me define my life. You taught me how to look at life practically. If you don't mind we will remain friends till the end of our life. I pray to God to give you the strength to fly high. Let us accept the limitations of our relationship and stop here.

I thank you for every single moment you spent with me; I thank you for every experience you shared with me; I thank you for everything.

Still yours,

This is one way to write a break up letter. Heaven forbid but if you have to write a letter for such an unfortunate reason this letter will certainly help you draft a break up letter to your girlfriend.

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