Business Claim Letter Sample

Business is conducted on a daily basis, so there are bound to be certain misunderstandings. So to solve these problems, a business claim letter is written. A business claim letter sample would be a perfect guide on how to write the letter. The claim letter is important in business, because then it becomes a written proof. Most of the communication in business is done on paper, so the letter is quite common.

The language to be used in the letter should always be formal. Keep the letter as short as possible. Because it is a business letter, mention your department as you would be representing your department. Begin with mentioning how long the company has been in business with them. It is good to point out whether the company has had good previous dealings. Then mention the error occurred in the dealings, but be careful not to use an accusatory tone. Mistakes can happen, and the company in question should get the benefit of doubt.

Explain the error occurred in detail. Have all the facts and figures correct, as this letter has evidentiary value. Once the error is pointed out, you can mention if want compensation or not. The matter should be solved with this simple letter and you can resume your ties. Business claim letters are a good way of communication.

Thomas Jones JAG Pvt. Ltd.
786 B Jackson Street
53217, Houston Texas, USA.

Jason Roberts,
Managing Director

Cole Steel Industries
54rd Street, West Bank
53984, Nashville, Texas, USA.
Dear Mr. Roberts,

We have been in business from the past five years. The relationship between our companies has been a fruitful one so far. Because we have had such a long, trusting relationship, I can be honest in discussing any problem with you. This letter is regarding the mistake in calculation of interest on the short-term loan taken from your company.

Our company takes short-term loans from your company with an interest rate of 6%. Cole Steel grants us this loan, but they remove the interest beforehand, and then give the remaining amount. This practice has been going one ever since the first time we had taken the loan. But a crucial error missed both of our eyes. The interest rate that was deducted in advance was calculated to be 7.5%. This error means that we have been paying a higher amount than usual. Over the years, our company has taken many loans from your company, and that excessive amount paid in the form of interest accumulates up to a large amount.

The error occurred is a part and parcel of business. Now that I have brought it to your notice, I am sure the error will be rectified for future dealings, and the excessive amount which we have paid over the years will be refunded to us. We hope to continue good relations with your company, and hope that such errors will be avoided in the future.

Yours Sincerely,
Thomas Jones
Head of Accounts

We have provided you with an example of a business claim letter sample. This letter is relatively simple, and covers the topic of miscalculation in finance-related transactions. Though, the same letter cannot be used, the style of the letter can certainly be adapted to other business claim letters.

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