Business Proposal Letter

Writing a business proposal letter is necessary for explaining the nature and scope of business and convincing the recipients about mutual benefits they would be sharing from entering into business relationship. If written perfectly, it can create a healthy business relationship both for short term and long term.

The starting paragraph of the letter is to define your company. Relate to any relation that is existing or once existed in between you and the recipient. You can also use it in explaining positive things, goals, and future vision of the company. Ensure that your company features is nicely presented that can encourage them to be a part of your success.

The type of proposal you are offering to the recipients must come in the next paragraph. You can also add about your experience in the particular business and your foresightedness and confidence on how it will stand in the future. The final part of the letter should prompt them in contacting you and asking for a meeting.

Sample Letter

Peter Roberts
Customer Service Manager
Brain Vista Associates
701 North Young Street
Kennewick, WA 99336
(509) 735-4600

February 10, 2014

Henry Blake
Administrative Officer
Alex Telecommunications
486 Bradley Blvd.
Richland, WA 99330

Dear Mr. Blake:

We are a twelve-year-old company established with a mission of helping organizations in following a system to locate and fix problems in all the business areas. We are also happy to remind you that the initial setup of your organization was done by us. Our mission is to help many such organizations with great potential in contributing to the nation's economy.

We would like to submit an interesting business proposal to you wherein you will be able to cut down the expenses of your company by 25 percent. We have successfully done this for our past customers and would like to spread this message across our potential clients. I believe with our experience, we can soon be able to achieve major success for ourselves and our country.

We will review the entire current system that your organization follows and find out the loopholes. A plan will then be devised with additional inputs from you. Training for a few hours for a week will be provided to your employees on how to implement the plan. We can immediately bring down printing, and stationery expenses while the training is going on. Our service includes transferring all the paper work into an electronic medium. This will save both paper and money.

The enclosed proposal outlines the things that we will do to help you in this process. The proposal has detail guidelines of the work that we do for our clients. We have even enclosed the successful projects that we have completed in the past years for your perusal.

I will give you a call once you go through this proposal. I hope we can work together, which will be mutually beneficial to both of us. Recently, we have started offering bonus points to our clients. If you want to avail it, call us with a week's time from the receipt of this letter.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Roberts

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