Business Recommendation Letter

A business recommendation letter is written to recommend a person by some higher authority. It offers details about the work that has been done by the person, his skills and achievements in the job. There are a few reasons a business recommendation letter is needed.

Students can ask teachers and professors to write a recommendation letter for them to assist in the admission process. You can even write a character recommendation letter necessary for someone in adopting a child, renting an apartment, or pursuing legal studies.

Sample Letter

James Anderson
Book World
100 Church Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55409
(612) 625-5000

February 10, 2014

John Harris 
Book Club
3000 5th St NW
New Brighton, MN 55209 

Dear Mr. Harris,

I am writing this letter as it provides an opportunity to recommend my Assistant Manager, Mark Philips for the designation of Manager in your esteemed organization, Book Club. It gives me a great pleasure to write about Mark, my dear friend and colleague.

Mark has been working with me for the last five years. He came to our organization as a fresher and got to a position of Assistant Manager after two promotions, where he is doing exceedingly well.

Mark is a hardworking person. He takes up the responsibilities given to him seriously and makes sure the work is done in stipulated time frame. He leads a group of individuals with tenacity and motivation. Mark was highly instrumental in the two exhibitions that we had organized. He was the one who managed the logistics and customers at the exhibition. He played a key role in the success of those exhibitions.

Mark is an asset to our organization. You will understand his value and potential once he starts working with you. I recommend Mark to take up the position of Manager in your organization. He will bring prosperity to your organization through his sincerity and team spirit.

You are always welcome to get back to me if you require some more feedback on Mark's performance.

Yours truly,

James Anderson
Manager, Book World

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