Business Reference Letter

The business reference letter is quite common and is a great way to increase business for a friend or acquaintance. This letter is also a form of advertising where you recommend the name of a business which you feel is good. This way, you are helping out both the parties by forging a relationship between them.

In this type of letter, you recommend to an acquaintance about someone you have worked with before and were happy with their services. If they are also looking for that particular service, then they will consider the person you have mentioned. This is a type of word-of-mouth publicity that really works for many businesses.

When you recommend the name of a business to someone who knows you well, they are bound to take your word for it and give them a try. Therefore, a business reference letter proves to be quite useful in such a scenario.

In the letter, give details of what services you took and the quality of work that was delivered. Then you can give details about the financial aspect of the business and recommend the name of that business. Check out the sample letters we have provided below.

Sample Letter - 1

Reese Carol
TMT Solutions
626, Glass Towers
Phoenix, Arizona 85003
(625) 626-4312

February 10, 2014

Maxine Powell
Human Resources Manager
WYT Corp.
616, Industrial Lane
Phoenix, Arizona 85006

Dear Ms. Maxine,

This letter is about a business reference that I wish to make for your company. In the meeting that took place last month in your office, you had spoken to me about how the high electricity bill is giving you sleepless nights. Recently, our office used the services of Lite Solutions Ltd., that helped in installing power saving lights in our office and reducing the electricity consumption by a considerable margin.

One of our staff knew about them and gave me their contact number. I was thoroughly satisfied by all the work they had done. Though, the charges they took were slightly on the higher scale, but it definitely brought down the electricity bill of our office.

Firstly, they conducted a survey of all the electrical systems and appliances that were being used by us. Then they had a meeting with the senior management regarding the changes that they wanted to implement. After getting an approval from the management, they took to their work and successfully completed it in two days during our weekly offs. This helped us in continuing with our work without getting disturbed. And our electricity bill was almost 25% lesser this time.

Hence, I am referring Lite Solutions to solve your electricity bill problem. If you wish to speak further on the phone, feel free to give me call. I am attaching a brochure of this company for your reference.

Sincere regards,

Reese Carol

Enclosure: Brochure

Sample Letter - 2

Thomas Xavier
R&R Consultancy
52nd Street, Queens Building
New York City, New York 10001
(212) 563-5262

February 10, 2014

Christian Summers
Human Resources Manager
Chem Corp.
Maryland Road
New York City, New York 10004

Dear Mr. Summers,

Recently, we changed our vendor for office supplies, and we were quite happy with the supplies provided by the new one. Besides quality products, another satisfying factor was the cost they charged us. I am aware that your company also requires a lot of office supplies and hence, I am writing this letter to recommend the name of PPR Supplies Ltd.

We were quite happy with the supplies PPR provided for us. Firstly, they approached us, and I personally had a meeting with their sales representative. They gave me their quotation. After working out the numbers, I came to the conclusion that they were providing a better quality product at a reasonable price.

Initially, we decided to try their products for one month. As we found their supplies to be of a better quality, we immediately made a one-year contract with them for providing us with quality office stationaries. I strongly recommend the name of PPR Supplies for your stationery needs. I am sure you will like their products, prompt delivery, and reasonable price. I am also attaching a photocopy of the quotation they have given to us.

Sincere regards,

Thomas Xavier

Enclosure: Xerox of a quotation

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