Cancelation Letter

A cancelation letter is used to cancel your vacation plans, travel plans, etc. The letter has to be written in such a fashion that it does not sound rude and unprofessional. You have to use appropriate words and manners while drafting this sort of letter. You have to state your point firmly that you want to cancel an account, an order, etc. stating the reason.

Giving the other party the assurance that their service is good but you do not need it. The letter helps you in maintaining working relationship with the other party. Once, your plans have changed, you can always write a cancelation letter to let the other party know about it.

A Sample Cancelation Letter

Brian Holding
1113 East Franklin Avenue,
Minneapolis, MN,
United States
(612) 729-0554

April 25, 2008

Andrew Thomas

2211 11th Ave E,
North St. Paul, MN,
United States
(651) 770-5570

Dear Mr. Thomas:

On a very sad note, I need to cancel my reservation for the three day package starting 27 April 2008. I am busy with my office project and would not be able to go for a holiday. The clients want the project to be completed early and therefore the entire schedule has collapsed. The work related pressure has made me postpone my vacation plans. I have put them on hold for some time.

I regret the cancelation as I needed a break from the stressful professional life. I hope you can refund the advances paid to you. I apologize for the trouble. I will get back to you once I have leisure time. I'm very much interested in your holiday package and will avail it once, I'm free from my busy work schedule.

Thanks for your services and co-operation. I will give you a call to confirm my reservations when I will be free from my official duties in a fortnight.

Yours sincerely

Brian Holding

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