Certification Letter for Employee

When you are at a good post in the company you work in, a situation may arise where you have to write a certification letter for employee. This letter is given to an outgoing employee. This certificate is proof that the employee used to work in the company. Each and every employee, after completing a certain amount of time in the company, is entitled to receive this letter on the time of his departure.

The letter is sort of a review about the employee at the company. The letter has to be prepared by a higher authority on the official company letter head. It is mostly prepared by the Human Resources Department, but higher authority like a Chairman or Director can also prepare it. The letter also has to be signed by the authority for its authentication. The certificate has to be neatly prepared as it reflects on the company. Using a fake certification letter is an offense, so this letter is serious business. The candidate found to be using fake letters can be blacklisted by all the companies, jeopardizing his whole career.

The letter has to be formal. Start off by mentioning the name, designation and the period of employment of the concerned person. Here you can add a compliment about the employee and the quality of work. There is no need to state the detail of the employee's work profile, but mention if the employee has received any awards for their work. Finally, in the letter you can vouch for the employee at the end of the letter.

This letter is important for any employee to start a new career path. Therefore, be completely honest in the letter about the employee and do not put anything negative. The letter is simple to write, but is important for the employee, so it should be well worded. The length should be small and the material concise. To understand better, we have provided you with a sample for certification letter for employee.

Albert Davis

Forge Steels Pvt. Ltd.
7647, New Jersey, New York, USA.

To whomsoever it may concern,

This letter is to certify that Mr. Robert Goodman has been an employee of Forge Steels Pvt. Ltd. in the post of Head of Customer relationships for the past three years. The qualifications he provided were authentic, and his previous work references were sound. He has been a great asset to our company, and one of the nicest human beings I have come across.

Mr. Goodman rose quickly through the ranks of junior trainee and reached up to the post of Department Manager. He has, many times over the years, won the best performance award in our company. He possesses great leadership qualities which will surely be good for any company that will hire him. Mr. Goodman handled a department of twelve employees all of whom gave him excellent reviews. He is also punctual, and never have there been any complaints regarding his behavior.

I as the CEO can vouch for him as an employee. He has been a loyal employee of the company, and I highly recommend him. Mr. Goodman has delivered all that was expected from him, and did not shy away from taking on more responsibilities. Feel free to contact me on the correspondence provided, if there are any doubts regarding Mr. Goodman.

Sincere Regards,
Albert Davis

We have provided you with a sample of certification letter for employee. The letter is written out by the CEO and that gives a good recommendation to the employee. The letter speaks of the good qualities that made him a good employee. This kind of letter is used in job applications to other companies. It is a good boost to the resume.

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