Certification Letter of Knowing a Person

While changing your job, you will require a good certification letter of knowing a person. The letter will be provided by the company where you were previously employed. This letter is important, as it will help you in getting a good job of your choice.

The certification letter can be provided by any of the higher authority of your previous company. The higher the authority, the better impact it will have. The letter is taken on the letter head of the company, which is signed by the person who has written it. The letter is also considered to be an identification proof of sorts.

The letter is written in a formal tone, but it can have a little bit of casual language. The letter has to mention the good qualities of the candidate. But there is no need to show any emotion in the letter. It is better to put in truthful facts about the employment. The certification letter of knowing a person is an official document which will be used by the person for applying jobs, or even to prove identification, so the matter in the letter is important. All the information in the certificate should be truthful as it also reflects on the company.

The letter is relatively simple to write. It should be written with honesty, but make sure it is small in size. This letter matters, because it could really help someone with their career. Here is a simple example of this kind of letter.

Jim Baker
U.V. Technologies

6237 High Town
Washington D.C. Washington, USA.

To whomsoever it may concern,

This letter is to certify that I have known the Mr. Gabriel Stevens from the past five years. As the chairman of U.V. Technology, I have known him from the first day of his joining the company. The background and reference check done by our company about him proved to be authentic. In fact, it was me who had taken his interview and was really impressed with him. He has been a great asset for our company.

Mr. Stevens started off as Junior Executive in the sales department, and over the years, he was promoted to the head of his department. He was known to build good relations with the customers, and his subordinates to have only good things to say about him. He handled a team of nine executives, and took on many other responsibilities in the company. Performance wise, he always delivered his target sales on time.

He has been a loyal employee to our company, and will be a great addition to any other company he chooses to work for. Mr. Stevens is highly recommended on my behalf. If there are any queries regarding Mr. Stevens, feel free to contact me on the correspondence provided.

Sincere Regards,
Jim Baker
U.V. Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

We have provided you with a certification letter of knowing a person. The letter is from the chairman of the company stating that he knows the concerned person very well. The letter also speaks of the good qualities of the candidate. This letter can also be used in place of a recommendation letter.

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