Charity Letters Asking for Donations

Thanks to the economic boom, people today have lots of disposable income. But rather than wasting away their money, why not get them to use this money for a better cause. So you can write charity letters asking for donations to people who can afford to spare some money for a good cause.

The key to writing a good donation letter is to tug on the heartstrings of the reader. Remember, it is not easy to get someone to part with their hard-earned money. A good letter will come in handy for doing this. Firstly, you have got tell them the story which is a perfect example of the kind of charity work you are doing. The story should be able to touch the emotions of the reader. Secondly, mention in detail the kind of work your charity will be doing, and that too to remain on the safer side. Safer side, because there are many out there who use the name of charities to commit fraud and cheat people off their money. Hence, people are wary of charitable organizations.

The language in the letter need not be formal because you have to make an emotional connection with the reader. Start off with the story, and end the story by mentioning how important the donations are for the cause. Also mention whether the donations they make are tax deductable or not, because the public is more inclined to make donations if they are tax deductible. Mention a few truthful statistics in your letter which increases the impact of your letter. Though, any kind of support is appreciated, it is better to state a minimum figure that would be helpful in the charity. And finally, give assurance that their money is in safe hands, and they would get a legitimate receipt for their donation.

The letter has to be carefully written, because the donation coming in could prove to be life changing for someone else.

Sharon Richmond
Eye Care Foundation

5564, Westchester, New York, USA.

Harry Stamper

415, Park Blvd.
90210, Beverly Hill, California, USA.

Dear Mr. Stamper,

I would like to tell you the story of a boy named Ganesh, back in India. He has a dream of becoming a painter someday, but his dream is fast fading away. His eyesight is diminishing; Ganesh suffers from a condition which causes his eyesight to deteriorate over time. But there is a way you can stop this from happening. A small check every month in the name of Eye Care Foundation will help Ganesh get back his eyesight through a simple operation.

Thousands of people lose their eyesight in under-developed countries. Almost 50% of these victims can save their eyesight through surgeries and medications. Our foundation, from the past 12 years has been working in all these countries, providing the people with health care. We have a dedicated team of over 2000 doctors who have been working tirelessly to help these patients.

Ever year, hundreds of patients have benefited from the help of our organization. You too can do your bit in helping us improve the lives of others. Just a small check amounting to $50 every month can go a long way. If you desire, you can definitely donate more; the more the merrier. The money which you donate is tax deductible in any country. Our organization is spread over 24 countries.

So donate today and help someone see the better world you have created.

We have provided you with a sample charity letter asking for donations. This letter is a perfect example of how a good letter asking for donations should be. There is no set format; it is just a sample letter from the heart which tells of a small story and talks of the organization. You can use this letter as a template to create your own letter, suiting your requirements and filling in your information.

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