Church Sponsorship Letter

Church sponsorship is necessary when a church ministry is in need of financial support. Although, a church belongs to the almighty God, it needs fundraising from organizations, corporate companies and donors. Church authorities can write sponsorship letters to corporate companies, organizations and associations to contribute their financial assistance for maintaining church surrounding and religious activities.

You must include the details of how you will utilize the sponsorship and how it can be beneficial for the sponsors. You must also mention the details of the sponsorship and sponsorship form.

Medford Methodist Church
2 Medford Road
Medford, New Jersey 56823

Date: 5 March, 2005

Organization Title
City, State Zip

Dear Mr. XYZ:

The Medford Methodist Church Board Trustee would like to offer a great opportunity to you for sponsoring the church. The board of trustee will happy if you accept this offer and help the authority to perform religious and holy activities.

The Medford Methodist Church authority has decided to invite you for the sponsorship of the church. The church has a long tradition of organizing several holy ceremonies and functions throughout years. It is also known for its ancient glory and the legends. Hence, we believe that you will be proud of the sponsorship of the church that will help the religious and poor people to live with peace and unity.

As of now, we have started constructing new building into the church garden and thinking to develop the church yard, as the present place is not enough to perform big functions. Hence, the reconstruction will cost a large number of amount and we resolved to include the organizations and sponsors who are willing to contribute in religious tasks. The new church roof, sculptures on the main entrance, statues in the garden and building a big wedding hall will be our next goal in coming years. Your enthusiastic and active participation for the success of this mission will be appreciated.

The church trustees have also decided to display the titles of the sponsors in the center of the garden. A marbled frame will be placed in which all the sponsor titles will be carved. We have enclosed the detailed sponsorship form to this letter.

Thanks to you for considering the sponsorship. Please call me for any assistance I can provide about this project.


Your name

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