College Acceptance Letter

A college acceptance letter is used to inform a student that his application for admission is accepted. The letter should begin on a positive note as the student's dream of getting admission is fulfilled. The letter has to start on a congratulatory note. It must welcome the student and tell him how his academic background has helped in securing the admission. This sort of letter also gives details about the formalities to be completed before joining the course.

With the letter, you can enclose various forms to be filled like campus accommodation, canteen facilities, library membership, etc. The reader must easily understand the written contents. All the adequate information required by the student should be given in a soft and polite tone.

Sample Letter

Mathew Morrison
Secretary, Admission Committee
Texas University
100 Bay View Circle
Newport Beach, CA

February 11, 2014

Robin Clark
4509 Lemmon Avenue
Dallas, TX 75211
(214) 692-6500

Dear Mr. Clark,

Let me congratulate you on behalf of Texas University on your selection for the academic year 2014-15. You have been selected for the admission in the course of Linguistics for the fall semester of 2014. Your academic profile talks about your commitment and interest in learning different languages. We are sure you will prove yourself and not let our confidence down.

Enclosed herewith, you will find an enrollment form for campus residence. You have to submit both the forms by 25 August 2014 to the University. Once the form is received, our student adviser will contact you. He will give you further details about the course schedule, joining date, etc.

The procedure of campus residence will take some time. So, I encourage you to give an early response. You will be accommodated on a sharing basis with three other students. This is because the number of rooms on the campus is half to the number of students joining the university.

The entire University of Texas welcomes you and wishes you all the best for your career. We appreciate your enthusiasm in our university and hope all your wishes are fulfilled by us.

Yours truly,

Mathew Morrison

Enclosure: Campus Residence Form

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