College Application Letter

A college application letter is written to show your interest in studying a specific course. This letter is usually submitted with the application form to the college authorities. This letter is a platform to showcase your score of entrance exams, educational career and skills. Your passion for learning and interest in the particular course has to come out through the application letter. This letter has to be personalized to show your qualities and character.

This application letter is short and concise. In a precise manner, you need to give all the adequate details required for information of college authorities. The tone of letter has to be soft and polite. The student has to show his or her sincerity and hard work through giving details about internship and awards that have come his way. This will help the college in understanding how you apply knowledge in outside world. The letter has to begin on a positive note describing the main purpose.

31 Russell Plaza Dr,
Ashland, KY,
(606) 326-0357

Date- July 10, 2009

Kimberly Black
Admission Coordinator
Wharton Business School
3730 Walnut St,
Philadelphia, PA,
(215) 898-5000

Dear Ms. Black:

I am writing this letter to inform that I am interested in completing Post Graduate Diploma in Management Sciences from your Business School. I'm enclosing my duly filled application form for the admission process. As required by the college, I'm enclosing grade sheets. I am sending GMAT and TOEFL scores with the application.

I'm graduate n management science from International School of Business. I have completed my three month internship in AIG Insurance from April to June this year. I have completed a project on "The impact of global recession on insurance sector with special reference to AIG."

I would be happy if I could be considered for financial assistance in form of scholarship for completion of this program from your school. I will be obliged if you can help me in this regard. It will help me immensely to smoothly complete the course.

I will get back to you to check the status of my application in a week. Thanks a lot for giving time and considering my application.

�Yours sincerely


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