Condolence Letter on Death of Father

The loss of one's father is always very hard on people. During this time, we should lend our support by sending a good condolence letter on death of father. One's father holds a very special place in their life, and his death can be damaging psychologically. And if the death takes place unexpectedly, then it proves to be even harder to get over. A good condolence letter can prove to be a good gesture of sympathy.

Because you are writing the letter to a close friend, formal language does not be used. The language should be simple to understand, avoid using any fancy, hard to understand words. Directly offer your condolences, do not beat around the bush. Your friend will be in a fragile state of mind and will need your encouraging words, so tell him or her of the wonderful memories you have with his or her father.

Keep the letter short and sweet, and you can get emotional, as the letter is a personal one. Also share some good memories of the departed, as it puts the reader in a positive frame of mind. You can also use a famous quote or a saying to encourage the reader. But the best would be to write from the heart.

For the sake of your understanding, we are providing you with sample letter. This is a sample, you can make the desired changes in your copy.

Harry Patterson,
3241, Spring Lane,
Tampa, Florida, 70896

Dear Eugene,

It really saddened me when I heard about the ill-timed death of your father. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Robert was a great human being, and he will be sorely be missed. I was very shocked when I heard of his demise owing to illness. Throughout the night, I kept reminiscing all the wonderful times I had with him. He was like a father to me. I especially remember the time he took us fishing to the lake, we caught the most amazing fish I had ever seen, and the barbecue we did afterwards was unforgettable.

His death came as a shock to me because the last time I had spoken to him on the phone, he had informed me that his health was improving day by day after the heart attack. We had even planned to go for another fishing trip to the lake. I cannot even imagine the sorrow your mother must be feeling, but please give her my condolences, and also tell her I will come to visit her soon.

In this tough time, Eugene, you have to be equally tough, and take your family through this period of sorrow. I can understand how hard it must be for you, as you too were very close to him. But being the elder son the family, you must bring yourself together, and take care of everyone else, especially your mother. She too will be in a fragile mental state. So keep her happy at all times and remember, great human beings do not die, but live forever through the lives they have touched, and the good principles they have instilled in their children.

My prayers are with you and your family, Robert was a great person who touched many lives, including mine.

Sincerest Condolences,

We have provided you with a sample letter of a friend writing a condolence letter on the death of father to his friend. You can use the same format for writing a condolence letter for mother as well. However, while using this format, make sure to personalize the letter, by adding your own bit of persona into it.

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