Condolence Letter for Death of Mother

If due to some reason you cannot attend the funeral of a friend's mother, send a condolence letter on death for mother. A good condolence letter is one of the first steps of showing your friend that you care, and will help in the processing of healing. One's mother holds a very special place in their life, and it never easy to cope with her death. Therefore a letter offering comfort will prove to be a good gesture to relieve some pain.

A condolence letter for death of mother is supposed to offer comfort, therefore do not use any formal language. Though, there is no hard and fast rule regarding the size of the letter, try to keep the letter as short and simple as possible, because the reader most probably is not in the state to read long and drawling letters.

Tell your friend about the good qualities of his or her mother, and mention an incident that would highlight the good qualities of the dearly departed. It helps for your friend to know that someone also cared about his or her mother. Also write the letter in lots of positive language to put the reader in a good frame of mind. Feel free to pour out your feeling as the letter is being written to friend, no need for formalities.

To get the concept better, a sample letter is being provided that will tell you how a condolence letter of death of mother should be written. While using the sample, make the necessary changes like name, address, etc.

Rebecca Waters,
12245, Evergreen Terrace,
23rd street, River Road,
42783, Cold Bay, Alaska,

Dear Jane,

I am very sorry to hear of your mother's death, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. There are just no words to describe how I feel; I am very saddened by her death.

Your mother, Judy, was one of the most fun-loving people that I had the good fortune of meeting in my life. She will be sorely missed. Her best quality that stood out, which made her so popular with everyone, was her sense of humor. The first time I met her was at a party, she was the one who broke the ice with a very funny observation about the food which had me in splits for a good ten minutes. She had that infectious quality of raising everybody's spirits around her.

Even though, I had met her only a few times, it felt like I knew her my whole life. One incident I remember which was a great example of her loving nature was a couple of years ago, when I was visiting you, she went through the trouble of calling my mother, and finding out about my favorite dish, and preparing it just the way I like it. That was the time I realized how loving your mother was.

You can take solace from that fact that she passed away peacefully in her sleep, so she did not feel any pain. Judy lived a full life during which she touched a lot of people's lives. She'll live on through all the people she has touched.. Be strong and look after your children, who must be missing their 'nana', and instill in them the good values your mother had instilled in you.

I am sorry that I could come to the funeral; I tried my best to come, but could not catch a flight because of the bad weather over here. I will come and visit you and the children as soon as the weather lets up. We will have a memorial service in honor of your mother. She was surely one of the best human beings I have ever come across.

Sincerest Condolences,

We have provided you with a sample condolence letter for death of mother. The letter is written by a friend to a friend, but with a few changes, it can be addressed to anyone like a sibling or cousin. When using this letter, make the necessary changes that will make the letter look original.

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