Confirmation Letter to Attend a Seminar

A confirmation letter is written to confirm your attendance in a seminar. This letter is an official confirmation received from the organizers of the seminar. The letter helps the participant in understanding the schedule of the seminar as well as the arrangements made by the organizers. This type of letter is written to the participants before seminar to make them aware about the rules and regulations to be followed. This sort of letter also highlights the activities, topics, sessions that will feature in the seminar.

With this letter, organizers often enclose the brochure of the seminar. The participant can work according to the requirements of the seminar and prepare themselves. Such a letter always helps in effective management of the seminar as all the participants are well aware about all the things that will take place in the seminar. This confirmation letter is written in a soft and polite tone to welcome all the interested participants to the seminar.

Sample Confirmation Letter

Andrew Hutchison
Organizing Committee Member
University of Mississippi
1848 University Circle,
University, MS,
United States
(662) 915-7236

December 12, 2008

Barry Lawrence
400 West College Avenue,
Appleton, WI,
United States
(920) 730-3782

Dear Mr. Lawrence:

We are delighted to inform you that we are confirming your participation in a two-day seminar "Soft Skills Training: Important for Success in Corporate" The details are as follows:

Date: 20-21 December 2009

Venue: Department of Language Studies, University of Mississippi

Time: 10.00 am- 6.00 pm.

The seminar will give you all the details about Soft Skills training; latest trends in Skills based training, group activities, etc. The training will help you to be a better person in your personal as well as professional life. Your attitude towards communication and interpersonal skills will drastically change after attending this seminar.

Attending the seminar on both days is mandatory. You need to be punctual. You have to participate in all the group activities and submit the assignments given. In the seminar, you will be a part of a team so your hard work and sincerity is a must to help the team in succeeding. You have to be in formals on both the days. Refrain from using mobile phones in the seminar hall.

The organizers will be providing the stationery required for the participants in the seminar. The arrangements for breakfast and lunch are made at the venue for the participants. A certificate will be issued to all the participants on successful participation in all he activities.

The seminar is result -oriented. The number of participants is limited. We look forward to work with you in the seminar. You will truly enjoy the enriching experience.

Thanking You

Andrew Hutchison

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