Congratulations Letter on Achievement (Personal)

If you achieve something worthwhile, society takes a note of it. Achievements are to be celebrated. When you receive a congratulations letter sent by some organization or an individual, you get the feeling of consummation. The congratulations letter serves as an encouragement for further achievements.

These are the days when we hardly write or receive letters. However, even today, writing or receiving of a congratulations letter is considered to be something special. There are two types of congratulations letters; personal and professional.

Personal congratulations letters are written when someone very intimate to you succeeds in some examination or a competition. To write a congratulations letter to someone whom you personally know well is easier than the professional congratulations letters.

If you are writing a letter to your friend or any of your acquaintances congratulating him/her on the marvelous achievement he/ she has registered, it will be an informal type of communication. Hence there is no specific format of writing such a letter. You are supposed to take a note of the special achievement of the recipient, congratulate him/her and extend your best wishes for his/her future achievements. The tone of the letter will be very pleasant and you also have a scope for flowery language. You can be a spendthrift in terms of words in such a letter; however too lengthy a letter is likely to be a boring reading even if it is a congratulations letter.

Here follows a sample of a personal congratulations letter written to a friend. This is just a format and not the only way to write such a letter.

My dear Michel,

Hearty congratulations! I am so very happy to know that you have won "Best young Artist" award for the year 2011. I have seen your passion for painting since your childhood. I remember your struggle in choosing your subjects for your work. Selecting, rejecting and mixing of colors as if you were in some conversation with them always made me think about your future as a painter. Let me confess here that as a father I did have doubts but I must say you have proved all my qualms wrong by winning this award.

Success, my dear son is addictive. After this award you would have irresistible desire for more awards and prizes. Of course there is nothing wrong in it. Your work deserves recognition and appreciation no doubt; but I would like to give you a fatherly advice. Remember that the colors you choose, the canvas you use and the brushes you pick all share your award with you. Never insult them by painting anything that does not convince your intellect. Be judgmental and by no means must you compromise with quality of your work. Lucrative offers may tempt you to opt for an easier road and you will have to be very careful. Just like the colors let the success posses you instead of you running for it.

With lots of blessings I remain,


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