Apology Letter Written to a Customer

This apology letter is written to convey the company's apologies to a customer for late service, not providing the service at appropriate time, etc. This letter helps to strengthen the relationship between the customer and the company. Through this letter, customer comes to know that the company has understood their mistake; they have accepted it and started working on the same. An apology letter does a lot to repair the damage done.

The tone of the letter should be soft and positive. You have to give the confidence to the customer that the thing that happened will not be repeated hence forth. You have to assure the customer about the quality of the service that you will be providing as well as you can give an incentive like a discount, free gift with no strings attached, etc. All this can be done through a well drafted apology letter.

Kenneth Lee
Customer Service Manager
LG World
2310 West Kimberly Road,
Davenport, IA,
United States
(563) 388-6082

Date- May 08, 2008

Patricia Davis
404 Arrowhead Drive,
Denison, IA,
United States
(712) 263-2012

Dear Ms. Davis :

I am writing this letter to convey my apologies for the inconvenience. My company is late in fixing your air conditioner. I just saw the request that you had sent on May 1. I was not in the office and have just returned from a week long holiday. There were many changes in the company during last week and therefore your request was ignored.

I have reviewed your request and will be sending the person to fix your air conditioner by today evening. You had to wait for a week so I will make sure that it is fixed as soon as possible. There will be some problem in valve as you mention that water is leaking out. You need not pay any charges for the service that we provide today. In the next two months, you don't have to pay any charge for the servicing that we provide for your air conditioner.

You have been a valuable customer for us. I assure you that such a thing will not happen in future. We will be providing good service for all the products that you have bought from our company. We are committed to give best service to our customers. Once again, I am sorry for the trouble.

You can contact me on phone at (563) 388-6082 for any further requirements. I am always there to serve you.

Yours sincerely

Kenneth Lee

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