Customer Appreciation Letter

A customer appreciation letter is written by a manager to appreciate a customer's loyalty with the brand and the organization. The representative from the organization writes this note of thank you for a loyal and long time customer. The letter not only appreciates but also gives the customer a gift or an offer.

This type of letter usually is used for the appreciating and helping the business to expand. The customer helps in mouth publicity of the products and services offered by the organization. He can be an important person between company and other customers. A customer really enjoys such a privilege given by the organization.

Jason Young
Bloomfield Furnishings Ltd.
8000 IKEA Wa,
Bloomington, MN
United States
(952) 858-8088

December 12, 2008

Margaret Collins
6528 Penn Avenue South
Richfield, MN
United States
(612) 861-9550

Dear Ms. Collins,

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter. You have been a valuable customer of our store for such a long time. You have adorned your home with our furnishings for last 12 years. You are one of our privileged customers and we need to honor you for this contribution in building a brand for our store.

You are special customer for us as mentioned above. We are offering you a gift to say a warm thank you. You can drop in our store before New Year and take your gift. We have managed to get exclusive set of upholstery for you couch. One of the sets is reserved in your name. You just need to come and pick it up with no strings attached.

In addition to the gift, we are offering a scheme wherein you can shop for $ 1000 and get a product up to $ 200 absolutely free in the months of January and February. This scheme is limited to our privileged and special customers. You should take benefit of the scheme.

We are delighted to get an opportunity to serve you in the past and look forward to do the same in future. When you come to pick up your gift from store, please feel free to drop in my cabin. I want to personally say thank you to you. I am waiting to see you.

Yours sincerely

Jason Young

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