Dental Patient Dismissal Letter

No dentist would ever want to lose any of his patients. However, there are times when a particular patient becomes a nuisance to the doctor and unfortunately the doctor has to send that patient a dismissal letter. No doctor would want a "bad press" and it is wise on the dentist's part to dismiss a patient if the doctor feels that the patient may badmouth the doctor all over the town. An impatient patient can really hold a doctor's office hostage. He may come and constantly ruin the dentist's schedule or may be always ready to debate the bill. Every dentist must have his own criteria for the dismissal of his patient dismissal. Generally bad behavior of the patient becomes the grave reason for the dentist to send a dental patient dismissal letter.

One thing that the doctor has to remember that leaving the patient all of a sudden is not acceptable as it is against the oath a doctor has to take while becoming the doctor. While drafting a dental patient dismissal letter, the dentist has to consider the severity of the dental problems the patient is facing. While mentioning the reasons for the dismissal of the patient, the doctor should also promise to provide emergency service to the patient before he/she seeks any other dentist.

In the dismissal letter, a dentist should make clear that the emergency services will be available to the patient being dismissed only for the next thirty days from the date of effect and that this service will be available on cash-only basis. A dentist is supposed to send all this certified along with a return receipt.

Dismissed patients are hard to handle. It can be stressful to deal with such a patient. The dismissal letter should be short and precise. There is no scope for flowery language in such a letter. Here follows a sample dental patient dismissal letter. You are free to use your own format. However the following format will help you a great deal while you draft such a letter.

Smile Dental Clinic
13/45, Queen's Street
London- BBDD 1ZZ
Date: 13/03/2011

Mr. Andrew Mathews

Patient No: 892
Sub: Dismissal Letter

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that I do not wish to offer my services to you as your dentist any more. I will stop providing you dental care from April 13, 2011 i.e. 30 days from today.

In case you need any emergency treatment until you seek any other dentist, I will offer you the emergency dental care for the next 30 days.

You need to consult your county dental federation and the local dental referral service center which would help you seek another dentist who will be ready to offer you his services.

I will feel happy to send the photocopies of the records of your dental care in my file to your next dentist. For any further queries, feel free to contact me on my numbers- 5345-3546 and 8087564536.

Wishing you a sound dental health

Truly yours,
- Signature
Dr. Albert Jones
Smile Dental Clinic
13/45, Queen's Street
London- BBDD 1ZZ

This is just a sample format of dental patient dismissal letter. You are free to use some of the sentences from this letter while drafting such a letter.

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