Dietetic Internship Letter of Application Sample

Dietitian is an expert of food and nutrition and is the one to promote good health through proper eating. Every dietetic technician should be registered and should possess a specialized associate degree. In addition to this, they must complete a dietetic internship of 450 hours of practice in the areas of Food Service Theory and Management, clinical dietetics and community dietetics. If you are looking to apply for an internship in this field, a proper and effective dietetic internship will be useful. You can get tips and guidelines from a dietetic internship letter of application sample.

Dieticians and nutritionist supervise and apply food service programs. They are usually employed in various setting which includes hospitals, public health centers, food and beverage industry, extensive care facilities, instructive institutions, sports organizations, etc. The internship will help you to manage preparation and service of food, build modified tests and take part in research. This will help you eventually to teach individuals and groups on the first rate nutritional habits.

Students are often unable to put their thoughts and translate their experience into a letter about who are they and why would they make the right candidate. There are some basic points you need to follow to write a better letter and get noticed by the dietetic internship committee.

A dietetic internship letter of application sample, given below, can provide some important tips and guidelines to write the letter.

Your address:


Recipient's address:

Dear (Recipient's name),

I am writing this letter with reference to the advertisement on for the position of a dietician trainee in Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore USA. After reading the detail requirement of the position, I consider that my interests and credentials match up to the requirements you are looking for. I strongly desire myself for the post of dietician trainee which will eventually help me achieve my goals. I desire to submit my application for the concerned post.

I am in my final year of graduation of bachelor of dietetics from the university (insert the name of your university). I have a work experience in nutrition and foodservice in a local hospital of my hometown. I have completed my specialization in methodical nutritional studies and conducted a research to perk up the nutritional worth, taste, look and preparation of food. In addition to these I have practiced on individual basis to decide on the nutritional needs of patients and plan usual and beneficial menus.

As an energetic and keen student, I would like to discuss about the opening at the time of your convenience. I will contact you within a couple of days for the follow up. Thank you for your time to consider my application for the post of a dietician trainee.

Sincerely Yours,

(Your name)

The dietetic internship letter of application sample will help you in a great way to apply in certain programs such as food service programs and supervise nutrition. If your letter is perfect, you could be hired in hospitals, extensive care facilities, public health centers or the food and beverage industry. You can later work as a private consultant too.

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