Dispute Letters to Credit Bureaus

The dispute letters to credit bureaus is the next step to repair your credit errors, after you have analyzed the credit report and determined the hierarchy of mistakes that you want to be corrected or removed.

The main requirement here is to write the letter of dispute in proper format to either one or all the credit bureaus. This then can be send via proper registered mails. Needless to say, always keep a copy of the correspondence as well as the receipt of the registered mail with you. You can use it later for any further reference. Another important thing you need to do is to make several copies of the credit report that can be included in the letter. However, do not use original copies.

A sample for writing a dispute letter can be quite helpful and effective. While writing the letter, a part of it should be like you are speaking to them. Most of the attorneys and financial authorities do not like canned type of letters. Hence, it is good if you use your own words.



Equifax Credit Information Services Inc.
P.O. Box 7490256
Atlanta, GA 30321

Subject: Credit report error

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I recently had received a copy of my credit report from your agency and discovered that it contains inaccurate information in the following.

(Here you give the proper detail about the error such as its code and the account number)

Error 1: Dispute (XYZ credit card) account number (289356).

(If the number of errors are more, you can list them below after the first item is mentioned)

I am requesting that the above mentioned error be (removed, corrected, updated or make any suggested change) so as to correct the information.

Enclosed here are the copies of (if you have any statement for instance like bank statements, canceled checks or any other documentation) supporting my statement. The inaccurate data in the credit report is highlighted yellow and circled in red. (You can use one method or more, according the federal trade commission, circling the errors you want to dispute on is one good way). The following information that I have highlighted is wrong because the report states that (list the inaccuracy). This is not the case because (here you list the reasons why the listing is incorrect). (If the inaccuracy deals with billing error then make sure you list out the creditor's name and the concerned account number that has the inaccurate data.)

It would be kind of you, if you reinvestigate this matter and delete or correct the disputed items as soon as possible.

Apart from this, make the letter a permanent part of my credit record.

If you want to ask about this request or know anything about the credit information, you can call me at (give your contact detail such as your landline phone number or your personal cell number).

Thanking you, waiting for a prompt attention on this matter

- Your name

Enclosures (list of the required documents you are enclosing, however if you have none that do not include this section)

The dispute letters to credit bureaus is very helpful and the FCRA gives all individual a free copy of the credit report to review for any mistakes if made. You have every right to dispute if you find any error while reviewing the credit records. You can notify the credit bureaus about their inaccuracy online or even via phone. Nevertheless, the best way is to write a letter that will give you ample of time and space to provide each and every detail to each reporting agency. Further in the letter, you can include the documentation that will support the assertion you have made regarding the credit information that was inaccurate.

Check each and every detail of the credit documents before you mail the letters to all the three reporting agencies (TransUnion, Experian and Equifax).

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