Donation Letter for School Fundraiser

The main objective of a donation letter is to request the addressee to donate money which can be used for a specific cause. These are also known as fundraising letters. Although you may see that many donation letters ask for direct financial support in the form of cash, but there are letters that seek for other type of request such of donations of materials and labor. These type of letters are generally generated from organizations such as charities, schools, volunteer organizations, community groups and NGOs (Non Profit Organization). Donation letter for school fundraiser is one such type of letter.

Raising money for a good cause may be seem difficult, but following the right format and style can make this task easy and simple. For a school fundraising letter for an event can be made effective if you write using your own phrase and particularly if they are being sent to people you know.

In the letter make sure you send some details about your personal reason for supporting the cause and the reason they need help. This is natural that people respond to emotion, so put your heart and soul to write the letter.

The basic format you need to remember while writing such school fundraising letters:

The fundraising letters in various styles are written to suit the organization, the event and the most important of all, the recipient of the letter.

  • Firstly, begin with a formal salutation such as Dear "Mr. Timothy." If possible you can customize fundraising letter with your recipient's name.

  • Share any kind of good news by writing the reason of the conducting the event. Make a positive and upbeat statement about the event that will sound interesting.

  • Describe clearly and use precise terms on your letter as what you are going to do with amount, be it participating in a breast cancer five days walk or simply a pick up items for a charity bazaar for another event. Include all the reasons for holding the event and what is expected of the outcome and how you would like to help.

  • Mention everything clearly and ask for amounts. You can list the amounts or the different ways people can help it. Give precise amounts for instance as $25, $50, $100, etc so that this makes it easier for people to give whatever they can afford.

  • Do remember to include a thank you for donating.

  • At the end of the letter, add a P.S. with the main points so that people can quickly skim down the letter. These will at least help them get the point of the letter.

Sample Donation Letter for School Fundraiser

The following sample letter will give you a better idea as to how to write a donation letter for a school fundraiser.

Dear (write a personalize greeting with the recipient name)

On (insert the event's date), I will be taking the challenge of (mention here briefly about what you plan to do in the event and use facts and figures for your fundraising coordinator).

For the (name of the event), we are planning to raise funds for (name of your school). (Your fundraiser's name) will provide (reason why your school needs fun: you can expand this part to two to three or even more sentences).

We have a large fundraising goal for (School's name) (name of the event). The expected cost of the event is $ (Fundraising goal). And I have set a personal fundraising target of $ (insert your sponsorship target). I would appreciate if you could help in reaching this target because (here insert the benefit summary or the fundraiser benefit statement).

I have started with a personal donation of $ (insert your amount). And your donation will bring me closer to my goal and help (write the benefit statement about the fundraising event).

As a part of the fundraising we are also holding a (name of the event) on (date of the event). I will be inviting people from local business community and families from the neighborhood. If you could donate (an item for the auction, provide decorations, drinks or may be printing of the tickets and posters for the event), I will (include in the acknowledgement of the support in the program or something similar to it).

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. As one of my sponsors, I will let you know about what we intend to do. If you would like to know about the event and our school, please visit our (URL of your school) or contact (give phone number).


(Write your full name)

This is how you can start off to write a donation letter for school fundraiser. Writing these letters for schools is different to what you write for business letter, newsletters and reports. Thus these tips and formats mentioned above will give help to write one good and effective donation letter.

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