Donation Solicitation Letter

Fundraising is a difficult task when it needs to be done by letters. The letters written for donations are called solicitation letters. These letters should be written to appeal large number of donors, and they must feel personal tone while reading the letter. Sometimes, solicitation letters or request letters for donation are written directly to a particular donor or a volunteer.

These letters are written for monetary donations when they are written for business donations.

A good donation solicitation letter format should be concise, informative and clear. It must include the person or organization that is requesting for the donation, the cause of the donation and what is requested as the donation.

Sample Donation solicitation letter

Joseph Berry
Help Cancer Committee
5212 Oak Valley
New York City,
NY 53704

Date: 20 June, 1998

Mr. Thomas Leech
City, State Zip code

Dear Mr. Thomas:

I am writing this letter for your kind-hearted donation to our campaign, "Help Cancer Patients" program. The Help Cancer Committee is a city based group of volunteers who work against the plight of cancer patients. We organize campaigns and appeal people to contribute their financial support for the help of these patients.

Since last two years the numbers of cancer cases have been increased immensely, and these patients are facing severe physical and mental problems. Hence, our organization is trying to make people aware the disease to clear their doubts. We invite people to participate in our campaigns and fundraising programs. We will be happy to see your active participation in our programs. Although, you will give your financial support, I believe that your presence will encourage our volunteers.

As a kind-donor, you will be accepted as a valuable member of our community. For additional information, you can visit our website You will also get a donation certificate during the campaign.

Please feel free to contact for any help or information from me about this program. Your support is necessary for the success of our program.

Joseph Berry

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