Employee Appreciation Letter

An employee appreciation letter is drafted to appreciate good work done by an employee. This type of letter helps in boosting the confidence of the employee and motivates the entire staff. It is a token of encouragement given to the employee for his hard work and dedication. This letter helps in spreading good will and trust about the management in the entire organization. It has a great effect on the organizational culture. The letter describes the skills and qualities of the employee which makes him different from others.

This sort of letter is short and concise written is soft and polite tone. This letter has a lot of positivism. This helps the employee in understanding that someone is taking note of his or her good work and the letter received is reciprocation. The employee feels proud about himself or herself after reading the letter.

A Sample Employee Appreciation Letter

Malcolm Richardson
Marketing Manager
2751 Winnetka Avenue,
New Hope, MN,
United States
(763) 253-7559

Date: February 12, 2009

Britney Murphy
Team Leader
250 7th Street East,
St Paul, MN,
United States
(651) 227-7888

Dear Britney

It is indeed a pleasure to have you in our organization. You have shown commitment and honesty right from day one of your joining. Your leadership skills and team building abilities have resulted in successful completion of various projects. Your innovative ideas have helped the company in implementation of new projects

The management is really happy with your performance and contribution to the company. The problem solving ability is another skill that has influenced your team members and encouraged them.

I hope your innovative thinking and leadership will motivate others in the organization. Keep on contributing the company's growth in the future too. You are an asset for us. We are looking forward to see that this growing relationship is mutually beneficial.

Yours truly,

Malcolm Richardson,
Marketing Manager

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