Employee Dismissal Letter Template

Dismissal of an employee is an unfortunate incident both for the employee and the employer as well. Sometimes the company has to take the bitter decision of the dismissal of the employee for some grave reasons. The employee might have violated some company rules; he might have committed some crime; he might have been found a bad performer and so on. Each company has its policies and if an employee doesn't abide by those policies, the company has every right to terminate the employee.

When the company decides to terminate a candidate, the Human Resource Manager of the company is supposed to draft the employee dismissal letter. There is a particular format of dismissal letters which the HR Manager has to keep at his/her disposal. This is a purely official letter written in a formal language. The tone of the letter is serious. As compared to many other official letters, dismissal letters are lengthier as the company puts and justifies the reasons which made the dismissal necessary.

In a dismissal letter, there should a detailed mention of the reasons for termination. The reasons will vary from situation to situation as per the company policies. The selection of words is very important here. The terminated employee should not feel that the decision is based on some prejudices. The general wording in such a letter should set a respectful tone.

Here is a sample employee dismissal letter for you. Remember, this is just a sample and the content of the letter will change as per the situation.

Human Resource Department
E-volution Software Pvt. Ltd.
35/12 Queen's Street
London- BBDD 1ZZ
Date: 19/03/2011

Mr. Andrew Mathews
Employee Code: 1120

Sub: Letter of Termination

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to tell you that the company management has decided to terminate you from the employment at E-volution Software Pvt. Ltd. The decision will come into effect immediately after you receive this letter. The HR Department reviewed your performance in the past six months as a Content Writer. The management is not happy with your performance and hence has to take this unfortunate decision. The conclusions of your performance review are as follows:

  1. You joined E-volution Software Pvt. Ltd. as a Content Writer on July 01, 2010. You were found to be a slow learner and the company gave you the written warning regarding your inability to meet the daily and weekly targets. Even if you met the targets, the quality of your writing was not found up to the mark.

  2. You were also found unpunctual and failed to complete your nine hours of office work many a time. Your number of leaves has been another major concern for the management. You have taken 36 leaves in these six months which is not good for the growth of the company.

  3. Your editor Mr. Russell Arnold too is not happy with the content you provide in your articles. You have been found lacking in the multitasking as well.

After a long discussion and a careful thought, the management thinks that your services are not required anymore and hence you are being dismissed as a Content Writer of this company with an immediate effect. You will not even be asked to serve the customary notice period of three weeks and will be paid off for that period along with your salary for the month of March.

You have every right to appeal the company decision and can send your appeal letter to the Grievances Unit of the company. For any further queries regarding the appeal procedure, feel free to contact the Human Resource Manager at 444-6050.

Sincerely yours,


HR Manager
Human Resource Department
E-volution Software Pvt. Ltd.
35/12 Queen's Street
London- BBDD 1ZZ

This is an example of an employee dismissal letter. As mentioned above, the content of the letter, the reasons for termination and the official procedure will change from company to company and from situation to situation.

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