Employee Leave Application Letter

Application for leave is a common employment letter written in all the organizations. This application is written to inform the superior about your non availability in the organization for a specific period. The reason of leave and period of absence has to be specified in the letter. This letter helps in maintaining the leave record of the employee. In this sample letter, the employee is applying leave for two weeks for a genuine personal reason. The application has to be short and precise.

Only relevant information should feature in the letter. Always assure the employer that all the pending work will be completed once you return from leave. The letter has to use formal language and format that is specified by the organization. An employee should make it a point to draft a leave application before going on long leave. This will help the management in give your responsibilities to other while you are on leave.

A Sample Employee Leave Application Letter

John Wright
Marketing Manager,
Famous Studios
486 Bradley Boulevard,
Richland, WA, United States
(509) 943-4400

November 05, 2009

Ellen Jones
Human Resource Manager
Famous Studios
3601 N 20th Ave,
Pasco, WA,
United States
(509) 547-6352

Dear Ms. Jones:

This application is written to request you a leave of absence for about three weeks. My leave would start from November 10, 2009. My wife has been diagnosed with a fibroid, which needs to be surgically removed. I have to be with her during the surgery and the recovery period. The doctors have advised her three weeks of bed rest.

As my wife's parents are old they cannot manage to come from Chicago. So, obviously I'm the one who has responsibilities on my shoulders. I will have to take care of my wife, children and home

Therefore, I request you to grant me a leave of three weeks starting November 10. I will be joining the office on December 2, 2009. I will be available on phone and internet. If there is any concern, you can contact me. I will manage to complete the work if it's urgent.
I hope you will consider this and grant me leave for a genuine reason.

Yours sincerely

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