Employee of the Month Congratulations Letter

Achievements are special and must get due recognition and appreciation. When a person does something good, achieves something really worthwhile he/ she does expect admiration from the people around. This is the time when you are supposed to write a congratulations letter to that successful person. The feeling of consummation is all pervasive when the successful person receives a congratulations letter on his/her special achievement.

Especially in the big companies, there is monthly assessment of the performance of the employees and some monthly awards are given. Employee of the month is a special award given to the one who performs exceedingly well throughout the month. The Human Resource Department has to send a congratulations letter to the award winner. Employee of the month congratulations letter has to be a nice piece of writing since it is a great honor for the recipient to read such a letter.

There cannot be a fixed format for congratulations letters. However there are a few important points you have to remember while drafting your Employee of the month congratulations letter. This being a formal letter sent to the best performer by the company, the use of formal language is a must. You should try to keep the letter short by focusing only on congratulating the person and extend best wishes on behalf of the company for future achievements. Try to avoid unnecessary details.

Here follows a sample format of employee of the month congratulations letter. You can refer to this format while you draft such a letter.

Phoenix Software Pvt. Ltd.
Human Resource Development Department
Date: February 11, 2011

Dear Alia,

Let the Human Resource Development Department congratulate you on behalf of all the employees of Phoenix Software Pvt. Ltd. on your achievement of winning the Employee of the Month Award for the month of January, 2011. The way you have performed throughout last month shows your hard work, your sincerity, perseverance and diligence. The company has taken a note of and appreciates your high level proficiency in handling the tasks assigned to you, your craving for perfection, your communication skills and your humble behavior with all the staff members. The award consists of a memento and the cash amount which is a token of appreciation of your exemplary work. The company expects you to keep the same spirit and extends best wishes for further achievements. We hope the company finds many such opportunities to congratulate you in the future.

You truly are an asset to the company.

Yours truly,

(HR Manager)
Phoenix Software Company

This is how you are supposed to draft your employee of the month congratulations letter. The above format is just one way to write such a letter. You can use your own words and style.

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