Employment Acceptance Letter

Employment letters are used at various junctures in our career. We write letters in the situations to accept an employment offer, resigning from an employed position, employee reference, etc. In all these employment letters, the reader has to clearly understand the message that is conveyed by the writer. This type of letter has to be concise and reader friendly.

The tone used in the letter has to be professional and positive. The letters help an individual in building a relationship with the other party so it has to be drafted in an effective manner, which will create an impression on the reader.

A Sample Employment Acceptance Letter

Michelle Douglas
Human Resource Manager
G Soft IT Solutions
2950 Xenium Lane North,
Plymouth, MN,
United States
(612) 710-2030

May 10, 2009

Erin Rowling
2480 Fairview Avenue North,
Roseville, MN,
United States
(651) 633-436

Dear Ms. Rowling:

As per our telephonic conversation, I'm delighted to accept the position of Sales Manager in your esteemed company. I am sure my tenure in G Soft IT Solutions will be a learning experience. I am ready to contribute to the success of the organization.

As discussed earlier, my salary will be $40,000 with life insurance benefits. I will be on probation for four months. I agree to all the terms and conditions of the company.

I will join the company on May 20, 2009 after completing my commitments at the current job. If you want me to complete other formalities, just let me know. I will complete the procedure according to your policies.

Thanks a lot! I look forward to be a part of a young team in a developing organization.


Yours sincerely

Michelle Douglas

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