Employment Reference Letter

The employment reference letter can really help a person find a new job. When an employee resigns from his current job, their previous employers give them a reference letter as proof that they were employed in their company. Potential employers do take the reference letter into account, hence, this letter holds value.

The letter contains information on terms of the employment. The writer of the letter is supposed to be someone who knows about the employee. Ideally, the person should be the immediate head of the employee or someone from the human resources departments. The HR officers have to know about all the employees. Therefore, mostly this letter is written by the HR officers.

The letter should contain all the information about the employee's duties and responsibilities that were given to them in the company. The writer can also mention their extra achievements they made during their work tenure. All this information increases their chances of getting a better job.

Begin the letter by mentioning the name of the employee and what position they had held in your company. Next, recommend them for a job. Also, mention about the how their time has been in the company and state a few good qualities about them. In the end of the letter, again recommend the employee and state that you are available for a reference call. This is the basic structure of the employment reference letter. Also, see the two samples given below.

First Sample of Employment Reference Letter

Jane Rogers
Human Resources
TRS Material
52nd Ferris Drive
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
(241) 6537 373

To whomsoever it may concern,

This letter is to recommend the name Ms. Shasha Steven for the position of associate manager. She held the same position in our company and did a good job. She will be a great addition to your company.

She is a good associate manager and has handled the duty with great ease. She really reduced the workload of the manager and performed each duty with expertise. With her leaving us, we have lost a good employee of the company. However, here is a good opportunity for you to gain a good employee.

She was with our company for the past three years and has served the company to the best of her abilities. She managed the employees with great ease and all of them really liked her. One of the best qualities in her is managing to create positive environment. She was always great with the employees.

I can confidently vouch for her. In fact, you can also consider her for the position of manager. I will be more than happy to speak on the phone about. Please do call during office hours. Thank you.

Sincere Regards,

Jane Rogers

Second Sample of Employment Reference Letter

Harvey Bale
Crompton Inc.
525, Privet Avenue
Seattle, Washington, USA

To whomsoever it may concern,

Mr. Thomas Jade has been a good employee of our company. He has been with us for five years and he has been an irreplaceable employee.

I am recommending him for the position of senior accountant in your as he held the same position with us. He joined the company on April 15, 2005. He first started of as a junior accountant and worked his way up to become a senior. He handled many complicated accounts for us and there were never any issues with his work.

He always met deadlines and did not mind putting in extra hours and effort. He was completely dedicated towards his work. He also found time to help the others. All the junior accountants learned a lot from and have spoken of his helping nature. Even his seniors have rated him highly.

He would make a great asset to any company he joins. Therefore, do seriously consider him as employees like him are hard to find. You can directly contact me on the phone number provided as I am always available during office hours.

Sincere Regards,

Harvey Bale

The employment reference letter has become almost mandatory when an employee resigns on a good note. Even in the cases of employment termination, these letters are given by the company.

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