Employment Verification Letter

Employment verification letter has its own significance. It forms an official document during government transactions for acquiring certain things, like the passport, visas, loans, etc. There are many other places and reasons where you need an employment verification letter.

In the course of being a citizen and performing all the legal norms which are associated with it, we come across many documentation processes. It is important to reveal certain private information to the official authorities for their record purpose. The employment verification letter is one such official business letter which has our personal information, related to our employment details.

Uses of Employment Verification Letter

Apart from being a formal requirement in the normal course of employment of a candidate this letter holds a lot of importance when one wants to get into the financial arena, for example, taking loans for different purposes. The banks or organizations giving loans or insurance need assurance of your income for the security of money that they lend you.

In this case, this letter makes an impact on your credit score as well. In some case the monthly or yearly remuneration of the person is also stated for the same reasons.

Other places where the employee verification letter comes into play is finding an apartment to rent, etc. The landlord asks for this letter to know if you can afford to pay the rent at the end of the month.

Employment Verification Letter Format

A typical employment verification letter is written on a letter head and it is a formal letter which states that the person is employed under which employer or organization. Whatever is the purpose of the letter, the content of the letter remains the same. The following shows a typical format of the letter:

Letter Head of the Organization

Address of the Organization

Addressee (Optional, if it is known) OR

To Whom It May Concern

This is to confirm or state that Mr. / Miss. ________ is a full time / part time
employee with us working from _________ till date, working under the
designation of ________.

Name of the Issuing Authority

(authorized signatory)
Designation of the Authority

This is the usual content of this type of letter. There is not much experimentation that is required while you get it issued. The main criteria is that the letter should serve its purpose. Here's an example of employee verification letter. Take a look.

Sample Employment Verification Letter

The following letter is from a company that deals in content writing and the letter is written with context of providing this letter on its letter head for acquiring vehicle loan. Please note that here the place of submission does not matter at all, but the issuer should be aware of the purpose for which he or she needs to include the relevant and required things in it.

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1312 Boulevard Avenue Half Moon Bay, California 94019


To Whomever It May Concern

This is to certify that Miss. Torque Earnest works with us as a full time employee holding the designation of a Senior Content Writer and a Trainer. She is with us from the past three years, since 01/17/2009. Her monthly remuneration is $20,000.

Jim Carter
(Authorized Signatory)

Managing Director

This is how you should get the letter from the concerned authority. In case you wish to have some additional information in the letter for your purpose, you could also draft it yourself and just request the person to print it on their letter head. Letter head is very important as it shows the authority and reliability of the content. The issuer may or may not include his personal details in the letter. Generally the address and contact numbers are mentioned in the beginning for the sake of reference.

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