Example of Follow up Interview Letters

After a job interview, there are many ways to keep the potential employer's attention on you as he is likely to hire you. This is very important if you have given an interview. The example of follow up interview letters will provide the necessary guidelines as how to write these types of letters.

Using both pre-interview thank you letter and post-interview thank you letter for can be one effective way to gain more attention from the employer . This will enable you to display a more professional approach to the job search. This will further reiterate to the employer your wish and desire for the job position just prior your job position being granted.

The follow up letter may be often thought of as a synonym to thank you letters but there is actually a bit of difference between the two. The follow up letters are sent after you have initially sent your resume for a review or after you have made contact with the company. Nevertheless, in many jobs, the search process may continue for few weeks and this is the best time wherein you can utilize such follow up letters.

Few points you need to know while writing such letters are:

The follow up letter conveys the following points to the interviewer:

An example for a follow up interview letter

Your name:
Your address:
Your city, state and zip code:
Your contact details:
Your email:

Name: The name of the interviewer
Title: (his job title)
City, state and zip code:

Dear Mr. / Ms. XXXX

Thank you for taking the time of your busy schedule to talk to me about the (post for which you have applied) for your (Company's name). I appreciate the time and consideration in interviewing me for the position.

After speaking with you and the group, I believe that I would be a perfect candidate for the position. As I have the capability of quick learning and adaptability that is required for the position.

In addition, my enthusiasm to perform well would help me bring technical and analytical skills to get the job done.

I am extremely interested in working with you and look to hear from you very soon. You are always welcome to contact me if any further information is needed. My contact details are mentioned above.

Thank you again for the time and consideration.

Your signature
(Full name)

The follow up letters in modern day standard can be either printed form or simply text as the body of an email message.

These letters are not critical as the cover letter but can be a necessary tool in a job search campaign. Keep a note that most of the job seekers have passive attitude and so staying positive and aggressive can help you go that extra mile by using such kind of letters. Another example or sample of how a follow up letter may be is given below:

Recipient's name and address:

Dear Mr. / Ms. XXXX

I'm writing to let you know that I am still very interested in the marketing assistant position as discussed in our meetings a couple of weeks ago. (State what changes you can bring to the company and what benefits will they earn after hiring you).

You mentioned that you are interested exploring marketing potentials of the internet as a way to increase your market share. (Here you can mention how you could bring the changes to achieve the company's goals).

I would continue about the research and would be delighted to come in and discuss how this might help the long term products and help in the promotion plans. Please call me to if you need any additional data for the application or wish to meet me again.


Signature (Your full name)

The main format of a follow up letter should be short, concise and to the point. This must generally have a less content than a cover letter. The example of follow up interview letters can be an ideal way to get back to the interviewer. There is a probability that you could have responded to a question differently or simply need to get back to them with an answer, then these letters can help you profoundly.

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