Excuse Letter Written by a Student

An excuse letter is written by the student to inform the school authorities about his or her absence. This type of letter is usually written and submitted once the student joins the school after absence. The letter uses a soft and polite tone.

The letter has to be short and specific. The sample will clearly state the reason of absence and date when the student was absent. This is an important document that the school preserver for the entire academic year. So it has to be authentic. The letter has to be drafted in a simple format that is easily understood.

Laura White
509 Lemmon Avenue,
Dallas, TX,
United States
(214) 692-6500

Date- April 20, 2009

Margaret Green
Wisdom High School
5543 Dyer Street,
Dallas, TX,
United States
(214) 369-7267

Dear Ms. Green

I was not able to attend school from April 10 to April 19, 2009 as I had gone out of station. My grandfather suffered from cardiac arrest on April 10. He stays all alone in Ohio. My mother and I went to take care of him. He was admitted in the hospital for first three days and then shifted home. We had to be there with him all the time. Yesterday, we returned home. My grandfather will be staying with us for some days.

I will complete all the assignments and lessons that the teachers have taken up in my absence. I will ask the teachers if I have any doubts and difficulty in my pending work. I will work hard to cover up the missed curriculum. I assure you that I will not take any leave without prior permission.
I hope you will consider my application favorably. I am joining school from today. My mother will personally come to meet you in a day or so.

Thanking you

Laura White

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