Free Fundraising Letter Templates

If you are responsible to raise funds for an organization or an event, you need to follow the right format. Free fundraising letter templates can help you format your letters correctly without much difficulty.

Many people work for NGOs and devote a lot of their time in serving them. The funds are the only way to help these less fortunate people. Some of them even organize events and programs to raise funds that they work for. You may see many fundraising ideas but the only goal of each and every event is to get donors and sponsorships to help such organizations. Another great way to raise funds and perhaps the simple way is to write letters and send them out to prospective donors and sponsors.

The main idea here in raising funds depends on the cause and organization. The letter should be tailored according to the circumstance and should cater to the needs of the reader.

Tips and instructions for fundraising letter templatesThe common questions that may pop in your mind are what do I start? What should be included in the letter? Whom to address? All these questions can make your task of writing a fundraising letter a difficult task.

The following tips will surely help you out and within no time you can finish writing it.

Some don'ts while writing fundraising letter templates

A fundraising letter template layout:


Name, the title and address details of the recipient

Dear XXXX,

In the first paragraph, tell something about the organization and some important details about it.

The second paragraph is the main body of the letter which can state about the future plans and goals of the organization.

The closing paragraph is where you can conclude your letter and express whatever you would feel you have skipped in the letter.

Fundraising letter template sample:

After the writing the date and whom to address the contents of the letter could be like this sample.

The first paragraph:

A (organization) care facility is to be launched in the month (insert the month and the year) that aims to provide (mention the main objective of the organization) and secure environment for (main people they aim to focus on which may probably be children of the age group of 3-11 years old). The new premises are currently (mention any detail that reader is supposed to know)

The second paragraph or the body sample of the letter:

I am (whatever events that is to be conducted to raise the funds) and would like to extend the invitation to the company. A local press will also be attending the event, and the date of the event will be notified in due course when all the work have been completed.

The plan of the project with the full details is attached with the letter. The main objective is to provide a (clearly state the aims and how it is going to help in your future venture).

The final paragraph:

In the concluding paragraph, seek the assistance in respect of funding and other equipment such as stationary, kitchen utensils or something like the soft toys. All these can help the organization that might able to offer and is most likely get appreciated.

The free fundraising letter templates have some guidelines that should be followed. Use these tips to make an effective letter to raise funds and donations.

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