Friendship Letter to Your Best Friend

Friends are the most important part of our life. They are as important as our family members and at times are closer than them. In fact your friends are the one who accept you the way you are. Friendship is a strong bonding between two or more people and which ultimately ends up in an inseparable relationship. Friendship letters to your best friend is one good ways to stay connected and make your best friend extra special. These letters offer you the opportunity to disclose your emotions and sentiments to your friend. If you are reluctant to express or say something verbally, these letters are the best means to jot down what you feel.

Some tips that you need to follow while writing a friendship letter to your best friend are:

Given below is a sample letter that can help you out as to how to write a letter to your best friend.

(Name and address of your best friend)

Dear XXXX,

I am so glad to have found a great friend like you. You have always stood by my side in my happier and sad times. And without you by my side, I could never dream and get this success and joy. I'll always be grateful to have you as my best friend.

You have always lent me your shoulder to cry on and have wiped my tears. Your encouragement to follow my dreams has made me what I am now.

I know you too consider me as your best friend and I will always be grateful for that. I will always strive and live up to your expectations and be your good friend forever.

It is very rare to find a friend like you and I consider myself very lucky to have you as my best friend.

Warm regards, (Your name)

These friendship letters are always an informal way to remember your best friend and hence it is best when they are sent handwritten. This will help to give a personal touch to your letter. The tone of the letter should be warm and caring. Make use of adjectives such as love and care, happiness and warmth in your letter. The letter should more or less reflect life and the enthusiasm in it. To summarize it should have the "Feel good factor." You can also write in the letter some special incidents that you both shared. This will surely bring a smile to your best friend.

Friendship letters to your best friend should basically carve the beauty of friendship into words. These letters are sure to make them realize how beautiful they are in your world.

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