Friendship Letters Straight from the Heart

At times it is hard to express what you feel and tell your friends how much you love and appreciate them. We may feel a little awkward for expressing our deep feelings even to our dearest and nearest friends. Friendship letters straight from the heart are special gestures of showing how much you care about your friend and you will always be around your friend and forever.

Most of you may agree that everything cannot be reflected verbally and the best way to express it is in words. Hence the best thing is to share this delight of saying what you want in letters. A bit of personalization of these letters can show how much you care for your friends. You can share your laughter, a happy moment or simply say something about yourself; all these will definitely help say what is in your heart. Below are some sample letters that will help to make your bond stronger and strengthen further.

Name of your friend:

Address of your friend


Dear (name of your friend),

The first paragraph, which is the introduction of the letter, could be in the form of enquiring about your friend's health or could be anything such as replying to the earlier letter. Here you can also include the feeling about receiving the previous letter.

The second paragraph should be more or less like exchange of information. Tell your friend more about you and what you are doing and also ask about your friend's activities. You could use this paragraph to motivate and seek support. The language used here should be more casual and if possible keep this short and sweet. Writing letters to your friends should be more or less like conversing between two friends. However, make sure you keep the flow of the letter.

The third paragraph is where you generally end the letter. This should be the part where you seek for a reply. Here you can state your feelings about how it's been being away from each other. Encourage your friend to reply to the letter.

You can sign off casually such warm regards etc and add your name.

Your name:

Friendship letters begin with a casual greeting which generally enquires about your friend's whereabouts and what he or she is doing. You can simply state your experience or ask about your friend's experience. These letters are special as they are written straight from the heart and with very little of originality. The best thing about friendship letters is that they can be transformed into a great memoir that can be treasured throughout your life.

Below are some tips as what you can mention in the friendship letters:

  • Try keeping the letter short and yet personal.
  • You should avoid any sort of controversial topic in the letter.
  • Briefly describe about what are the things going on in your life and, yes, always remain positive and upbeat.
  • A hand written letter is preferred because these help to give a personal touch to the letter.
  • Use your creativity that will help to transform your letter from a simple friendship letter to something that your friend will always cherish for life.
  • You add quotes or poetry that will give the extra spark to your letter and add a zing on them.
  • End the letter by expressing a hope of receiving more of such letters.

Another sample of friendship letters straight from the heart is given below:

Dear (Name of your Friend),

I am really fortunate to have a wonderful friend like you near me and with whom I can share my joy and sorrows. You have always been in my ups and downs and I know that I can be near you and not say a word and yet feel total at ease and comfortable in our silence. I miss you when you are not there and wish that we could always be together. The best thing about our friendship is that I can speak my mind and yet be assured that you will never misunderstand me or judge me.

You never make me feel that I should be someone else and I know you always accept me and appreciate me for who I am. I am very lucky to have you as my friend and will always do. It is very difficult to find such a friend who is so loving and caring like you. I can only hope that you feel the same about me. And I truly believe that true friends are forever as they can be completely different yet they are together because they respect understand and respect differences.

Warm regards,

(Your name)

Friendship letter straight from the heart is like an art that does not require any mastery of languages but simply needs to convey your message properly.

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