Goodbye Letter to Colleagues

When you resign from your job and it's time to part with your colleagues, it is obvious that you feel touched. It becomes difficult for you to hide your feelings. You have devoted all your life to your work and have a strong attachment with your colleagues which makes you sentimental. This is the time to write a goodbye letter to your coworkers. You are overwhelmed and hence may falter for words. However, since all your feelings are coming from the bottom of your heart, your letter is sure to be a nice piece of writing.

While you write a goodbye letter to your colleagues, you would feel like pouring down your thoughts. However remember, though you have a freedom to write a lengthier goodbye letter than the other official letters, don't end up in writing a prosy piece of writing. You can use beautiful words in your letter; even heavy words.

In a goodbye letter to colleagues, you can take a brief account of your work experience with them. You can mention how you enjoyed working together and how there developed a strong bond of love and affection among you all. You can also mention how you reckon this experience important in your life and how it will help you in your future journey. You can tell your colleagues through this letter that leaving this job will be a great loss to you. You are going to miss your colleagues. Let your letter be a proof of how much you valued them.

Here is a sample goodbye letter to colleagues. This is just a sample and you can use your own words while drafting your letter.

Date: 15/03/2011

Dear All,

It is very much natural here that I falter for words while writing this goodbye letter to you all. I am ambivalent at this moment. On one hand, the feeling of consummation is all pervasive in my mind. On the other hand I feel sad at the thought of parting.

It has been a long career of 35 years for me and I must say I enjoyed working with you all. I always tried to give my hundred percent in my performance. Dedication, devotion, determination and discipline. These are the four Ds; I always try to follow in my work. I am fortunate indeed to get such highly cooperative colleagues like you. We all were here in this company like a family which made us all share a sweet bond of love and affection. The kind of love and respect I received from you makes me overwhelmed. When I see these 35 years with this company, I feel the company became my second home and all of you my family members.

Coming to office early morning, signing the muster, performing the assigned tasks having tea together, taking lunch together, attending the official meetings, taking part also in the cultural activities of the company, this became my life. I am sure it is going to be very difficult for me to adjust with this change where there will be no office work, no chitchats with you, no meetings, no lunch together! I have never been used to being home and taking rest. Now I realize that with retirement my role in life has changed and now I am supposed to take rest. I am sure whether I could do that; but I guess I have to.

I will miss you all very much. My relation with you as a colleague ends here with my retirement; but our love and affection are still fresh and our friendship will go on maturing even further. I thank all my seniors for their invaluable guidance in my work. I also thank my juniors for their cooperation. In case I appeared a bit strict or curt, let me apologize. Thank you all once and I wish you all the luck in whatever you do.

Your friend,
- Michael Bond

This is just a sample goodbye letter to colleagues. We don't mind even if you pick up some of the sentences from the above sample while writing your goodbye letter.

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