Goodbye Letter to Parents from Teacher

Any parting is sorrowful. A teacher too feels emotionally overwhelmed while sending off a batch of students. Being together is indeed a nice feeling and saying goodbye is painful after a long journey together. This is an occasion for a teacher to send a goodbye letter to the parents of the students passing out from school or college.

A goodbye letter to parents from teacher is something very special for the students and their parents. Parents send their children to school or college with utmost faith in the abilities and efficiency of the teachers there. Parents expect teachers to build the character of their children. Naturally, there develops a bond of trust and affection among the teachers and the parents. A goodbye letter to parents from teacher is a proof that such a bond exists and the teacher reckons it important.

In a goodbye letter, a teacher should express the deep sense of sadness on parting; but at the same time, he/she should also extend his/her best wishes for the future journey of the students. The teacher can mention how he/she enjoyed teaching this particular batch; how this batch was different from many others and how there was a sweet bond of love and affection between the teacher and the taught.

The letter should not be too long as reading lengthy letters is drudgery. The tone of the letter will be a bit serious but not too serious. The teacher should express his feeling of consummation in this letter. Teacher should also extend his/her best wishes for the great future of his/her students. Students will appreciate such kind of gesture from their teacher.

Here is a sample goodbye letter to parents from a teacher. You as teacher while writing such a letter can use this sample.

James Williams
Class Teacher

10th Class: Div.A
Date: 14/05/2011
Dear Parents/ Guardians,

My mind is filled with ambivalent feelings right now. On one side I am sad and overwhelmed to see you all off while on the other hand I am happy about the marvelous success of my class. It has indeed been quite a fruitful year of my teaching career. The kind of rapport we all could maintain throughout this year proved a great deal to my students in bringing good grades in exams. I must thank you all for putting my instructions into practice and making things easier for my students at home.

It is necessary that parents at home reciprocate teacher's attempts in the classroom to make studies interesting and also build the character of his students. Students need support from parents in their studies. This support is necessary for the all round development of a student. I must say, all my students are lucky to get highly co-operative parents which helped them come up with flying colors in the exams.

Throughout this year, we worked in concert and enjoyed it thoroughly. I thank you all for attending the parents' meetings off and on and following the piece of advice given by expert teachers and the principal which helped our school register one of the best results in all the exams this year. I also thank you all for playing the role of responsible parents. The way you helped all the teachers in making students participate in the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities was just commendable. I am sure all my students will always count this year as one of the most productive years of their life. I thank you all once again for being such nice parents. I hope your children get same kind of affection and co-operation from you in their further educational journey.

Wishing you all luck for your future journey as parents,

Sincerely yours,
James Williams

This is a nice sample of a goodbye letter to parents from a teacher. You as a teacher while sending such a letter can use some of the sentences from this letter. You are any way free to express yourself in your own words.

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