High School Sponsorship Letters

Sponsorship letter can be written to invite organizations and corporate companies to provide their financial assistance for high schools, colleges or educational institutes. These sponsorship letters must include some specific details about the institute, which is requesting for sponsorship, the purpose of sponsorship, how the fundraising event or program will be arranged. The letter should not only request for sponsorship, but it should also inform the sponsors how the fundraising will be utilized, what programs and academic courses will be added to the institute's educational activities.

You can also add some example of achievements and reward that are achieved by the school. You must also mention how it will benefit the sponsors for advertising their company title throughout different educational and social programs and campaigns. For more specific details of high school sponsorship letters, a sample sponsorship letter is given below.

High School Sponsorship Letter Sample

Ms. Kate Millet
Harvard High School
St. Peter Church Street
New York City, New York 52145

Date: 25 December, 2008

Mr. Richard Thompson
President and CEO
National Books Publishing House Corp.
New York City, New York 52145

Dear Mr. XYZ:

Educational programs and campaigns are one of the most essential factors in building the future of every nation. Our Harvard High School has been consistently served this purpose since its establishment in 1990. We are inviting you for sponsoring our school and help us to be the best in educating the nation.

Our school has been conducting different academic programs and campaigns successful to produce successful managers and industrialists. We have not introduced some new scientific courses that will engage student to research in science and technology. These courses will help in creating better future for the country. Hence, your kind assistance to these activities will be a remarkable for the growth of Harvard High School. Our student belongs to distant parts of our state, and that will be great opportunity for you to spread your company's books and other education related products and services.

Our new programs include Industry Technology Management, Information Systems, Design Engineering and computer programming courses. We encourage student for participating in different academic competitions that develop the research skill of the student. We also organize some educational tours which enhance the students' knowledge of surrounding world and nature. Through all these activities, we try to nourish the real talent of children and produce intelligent researchers and industrialists.

It is noteworthy that Harvard High School is rewarded by the National Award for the Best Educational Institute in 2006. Our students have been continuously are the toppers in most of the examinations. On the other hand, our soccer and rugby team is also leading in state tournaments.

I believe that you will be proud of our school as a valuable sponsor. The detailed sponsorship agreement and form is enclosed to the letter.

Thank you for considering the sponsorship. Please feel free to call me for any additional information about the sponsorship.


Ms. Kate Millet

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