How to Write a Birthday Letter to Girlfriend

Birthdays are meant to be special and when it's your girlfriend's birthday, it's time for regal celebrations. It's time for you both to get drenched in the colors of love and romance. I am sure you would like to spice up the celebration by writing a beautiful birthday letter to your girlfriend; a letter which she could keep with herself as a souvenir of your love and romance forever.

Writing a birthday letter to girlfriend is no child's play. One wrong word and you are gone. It is natural on your part to falter for words while writing such a letter. I understand your nervousness and am here to tell you how to make things simple yet effective.

This is an informal letter and so there cannot be any fixed format of writing. There is ample scope for you to express your feelings for your girlfriend. What you need are words to knit in a letter that would prove your girlfriend that she is special to you. You need not be a poet for writing such a letter. However you should try to be as frank and free in your expression as possible. Let your birthday letter tell your girlfriend that her birthday means a lot to you. Let her know how eagerly you were awaiting the day.

Let me give you an example of writing a birthday letter to your girlfriend. Remember, the letter is addressed to your sweetheart; who will be interested in reading your feelings for her.

My dear angel,

Every word in this letter and every letter in each word are eager to wish you a very happy birthday. May God bless you with happiness, good health and a long life and may God give me the strength to fulfill everything that you want. You can't imagine how eagerly I was awaiting this day.

Jenny, it has just been a year since we met for the first time and this is your first birthday that we are going to celebrate together. I have lived ages together with you during this one year. Every moment that we spent together, every place we went together and every experience we shared together during this one year have made me realize that I cannot exist without you. As you add a year to your life today, let me tell you that you have come to add life to my years.

I am coming to pick you up in the evening. Be ready. I have got so many surprises for you. Jenny, I could see no other medium than a letter to express my feelings for you. I know I can't write as beautifully as you can; but I know how you love writing and receiving letters. I am sure you will keep this letter of mine with you as a souvenir of our love.

It's you who has helped define my life and I owe a lot to you. For me, your birthday is indeed the most special day of the year and I wish to make it all the more special. So let's meet in the evening. I hope you like the bouquet that I have sent just for you; your favorite yellow roses and of courses the lilacs. I hope you like my letter.

Once again, I wish you a very happy birthday. Let these seven odd hours melt away very soon and we meet to celebrate.
Your love,

This is one of the ways by which you can express your feelings for your girlfriend on her birthday. You can use your own language or pick up some stuff from this letter as well. We don't mind. Enjoy yourself!

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