Interview Letter Sample

A deciding factor in the hiring process can be done through letters and mails. Hence get to know how to make these letters effective with the help of interview letter sample. A good impression is always important in a job interview be it the way you look or the letters involved in it. This may probably increase your profile or help your chances of being offered the job.

The sample for interview letters can help you if you are unsure about how to request or thank someone for an interview. These samples can be used as guidelines or templates that will save a lot of your time when preparing such type of correspondence. Also as the interview letters is the first mode of communication between the individual and the organization, it should be effective and well-written.

Interview letters are usually sent out for an individual inviting the person concerned to appear for the interview. In this competitive world, candidates have to think something different while appearing for an interview, so as to stand out among the crowd. Many important detail regarding the time, date and venue of the interview along with details of the documents or a proof the candidate may be requiring should be clearly mentioned in the letter.

Interview letter sample for a post:

On the right hand side of the letter mention your full name and the address and then follow the interview letter format given below.

To: (full name of your recipient and his or her address)

Dear Mr. XXXX,

This is with the reference to your application for the post of (mention the designation of the job).

You are requested to appear for the interview for the said post, on (mention the date and the timing when the interview will be conducted) in the office of the undersigned.

The company will pay your first class railway fare (both ways) from your city to (job location). For claiming the fare, you have to produce the ticket or a railway money receipt.

Please bring your important documents and certificates and also testimonials in original for verification while coming for the interview.

Thanks and regards,

(Your name and job designation)

Tips and instructions for interview sample

To reply to an interview letter of invitation or email regardless of you accepting the proposal or not is a good idea. For this you need to follow a formal style of writing. Acknowledging with the word thank you will give an idea to an interviewer a reply whether you are going to accept the invitation or not. This is good thing as it will help you stand out positively from the rest of the crowd.

  • Begin your letter by expressing gratitude of receiving the invitation. Show your interest in hearing more about the company as well any other open position available.

  • And finally, close the letter with confidence and not with any arrogant words. For instance, "I am looking forward to meeting with you and discuss about the position further."

  • And for addressing the letter, make sure you do it to person who made the offer.

Reply to the interview letter sample

A sample of how to give a positive reply to an interviewer is a nice way to show your interest in a given offer.

Dear (Interviewer Name),

I am writing this letter to accept your job interview invitation for the position of (name of the position) in the (company name).

Thank you for giving me an opportunity and I am looking forward to meeting with you to discuss the position further on (insert the date of the interview)


(Sender name)

If your letter is a request in response to the vacancy besides addressing to the name of the interviewer, the opening paragraph should express your interest in the vacancy along with the full position title and mention any reference number.

Another type of interview letter can be a job vacancy inquiry. Here, the main body of the letter should tell the employer, the nature and the position that you are seeking for and why do you think you are a good candidate for the post. In the first paragraph, also remember to mention that you are sending the resume with the hope that there are vacancies now or in the near future. Conclude that you will contact the employer in a week's time or so.

To show good business etiquette, a thank you letter should express your gratitude for the effort and time given to you by the interviewer.

Requesting for an informational interview is another class of interview letters where you can describe your desire to meet for an informational interview. Here you can specify your interest in a particular field of interest and give them brief details of what you want to gain from meeting them.

These are some interview sample which can offer you the necessary guidelines when you write one.

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