Job Proposal Letter

Job proposal letters are written in response to the job description published by an organization. A job proposal letter needs to be written after the complete study of that organization. Sometimes, job proposal letters are also called cover letters, as they serve the similar goal of introducing the candidate to the employer.

You must provide the specific details about your qualifications, experience, skills, and your knowledge in the related field. You can discuss the salary and other benefits of the job and must mention whether you agree to all the terms of that company. Your proposal letter needs to attract the readers and should convince them. Here is a sample of job proposal letter that will provide you more details about it:

Sample job Proposal letter

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Date: 25 December, 2009

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Dear Mr. XYZ:

I am very glad to have received the job offer of Senior Software Engineer in your organization. I look forward to accept this great opportunity to work with your esteemed company. I agree to perform on my role of with the help of my five years' experience and think that I can be the perfect candidate for this post.

Your organization has offered me $65, 000 per year. As per my study of market, I believe that a salary of $75,000 is suitable for the post offered to me. I hope you will consider my experience and my salary package in previous company. It is worth for the knowledge I will use for this job.

I like the benefits packages offered by the company. These benefits can be seen in only some of the best organizations in this field. I would like to ask three months waiting period for my joining. I have gone through the vacation policy and agree WITH them. Although, we have already discussed about the contract period, it will be better if we have another talk about it to clear some of my doubts. The agreement norms and condition are also not cleared. Hence, we should have a meeting regarding these issues.

The position of Senior Computer Engineer is of great interest to me. I am pleased to accept this job, as it serves my professional goals and objectives and enhance my knowledge gained from previous experience. I can contribute with full efforts for the success of your organization. I am always ready to talk to you about these modifications suggested in the job offer.

Again, thank you for the offer. I am looking to hear from you.


Your name

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