Landlord Reference Letter

The landlord reference letter is written by a landlord for their tenants. This letter can be used for proof of address or any other residence related matter. This letter is written by the landlord and contains all the information about the agreement between them and tenants regarding the apartment and there is also information on the character of the tenants.

This letter is relatively easy to write as there is no set format. The only thing one has to remember is that all the relevant information is present in the letter. This letter can be used by the tenant if they are moving to another apartment complex. Some apartment complexes require a letter from the previous landlord and they can then verify the letter. Only after this do the tenants become eligible for a new apartment.

This letter can be used for other matter as well. Proof of address is one of them. There are many instances where proof of address is required and the letter from the landlord can be used in such an instance.

The letter should contain the name of the tenant and the exact address where they are staying. The amount of the rent also has to be mentioned and the date from which the tenants have been staying. If the tenants require by the landlord to mention how the stay has been. This information may be asked for by the new landlord.

The landlord reference letter has no set format, but below we have given a couple of samples for you to follow. The two formats will give the right idea about how the letter looks.

First Sample of the Landlord Reference Letter

Timothy Buckley
691, Grace Apartments
17th West End Drive
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Phone no. (562) 261 7762

To, whomsoever it may concern,

This letter is to inform that Mr. Gregory Barnes and Mr. Theodore Rowland were my tenants from the period of August 4, 2010 to January 10, 2012. In this period, never have I had any complaints from the neighbors and other tenants of the apartments regarding them. They have been good tenants of apartments 14B on the third floor.

They have always paid their rent on time. Never had there been a time that I had to remind them about rent. Their check would be in the mail in the first of every month . They are entitled to receive their full security deposit as the apartment was found to be in good condition after they vacated the apartment.

Both of them are students in the University and would spend most of their time studying. Therefore, they never caused problems for any other tenants. There were always helpful towards others. There are really good tenants and unfortunately, they have to relocate closer to the university and have to leave my complex. They have no dues left and even gave prior notice before leaving.

You can call me for their reference on the number provide above. I am available anytime during the day. Thank you.

Sincere Regards,

Timothy Buckley

Second Sample of Landlord Reference Letter

Myron Godfrey
101, Daisy Apartments
34th Clark Avenue
Sacramento, California, USA
(525) 626 7262

To whomsoever it may concern,

Ms. Rebeca Stevens and Ms. Grace Myers have been tenants of apartment no. 505 located in Daisy Apartments. This apartment has two bedrooms and its monthly rent is $1400 per month, excluding utilities. Both have of them have been living here for the past two years and have been model tenants.

Their neighbors have described them as sweet and helpful girls and no one so far has had problem with them. The girls also own a pet dog but the dog is well-trained and has never caused any problem for the neighbors. Both of them are working professionals and work in reputed companies.

Before renting them the apartment. I conducted a background check on them and all the information about them came out good. They do not have any criminal record, in fact, they do not even have any parking tickets. The girls are trustworthy. I can be easily reached on the phone number that is provided above for a reference call about Ms. Stevens and Ms. Myers. Thank you.

Sincere Regards,

Myron Godfrey

The landlord reference letter is used as proof of address, proof or character and other such uses. This letter has many uses and is not uncommon. It is the tenants who have to request the landlord for this type of letter. The above samples are perfect for reference.

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