Leave Application Letter

A leave application letter is drafted to apply for leave of absence from the organization where you are working. This helps the employer to know that you will not be present in the office during the stipulated time that you have mentioned. The letter also enables the management to assign someone to take care of your responsibility. It also helps in maintaining your leave record. In addition, the timely submission of this application shows your professional attitude.

The key rule is to write the letter well in advance. Only relevant information should feature in the letter. Always assure the employer that all the pending work will be completed once you return from the leave. The letter has to use formal language and a format that is specified by the organization. An employee should make it a point to draft a leave application before going on a long leave.

James Lewis
Marketing Executive
Gen Next Solutions
5954 Luther Lane
Dallas, TX 75211
(214) 368-0400

February 17, 2014

Michael Harris
Human Resource Manager
Gen Next Solutions
4400 West University Boulevard
Dallas, TX 75214

Dear Mr. Harris:

I am writing this application to request you a leave of ten days starting from February 24 to March 3, 2014. The reason for leave is to attend my sister's wedding in Chicago. Being the elder brother, I have to personally take care of the wedding arrangements. It is a great occasion for my family and I want to be a part of the celebration.

During my leave period, Sharon Greene will take complete responsibility of the marketing department. You can send all your work related queries to her. I will be available on phone and email if there is something urgent that has come up. I will complete all the pending work, once I join the office back on March 4, 2014.

I request you to sanction my leave and oblige.

Yours truly,

James Lewis

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