How to Write a Letter of Invitation?

A letter of invitation is written to people inviting them for a special occasion or event in your personal and professional life. An invitation letter is written for business events as well as for personal occasions like birthdays, family reunion, etc. Before drafting the letter, first seriously think about the event. Once you have decided that the event is for official purpose or personal then you can begin writing the letter. The letter has to be formal invitation and should have all the relevant facts.

An invitation letter should convey the date, time and venue of the event. The letter has to clearly mention the event. This will help the people in understanding the purpose of the letter. They will get a clear idea of the nature of event. The letter should be short and precise. A soft and polite tone should be used in the letter. The letter will begin with a welcome note and end with the details of a person whom to contact to confirm your attendance for the event. This will help the organizers in managing the event.

Let's take a look at some steps that will help you in drafting a letter of invitation:

  • Always send the letter of invitation in advance. You need to let people know about the occasion at least a week prior to the event so that they plan the things.
  • You have to begin the letter with name and address of sender and receiver. Date as to be mentioned.
  • Begin the main body of the letter with salutations. A word like "Dear" followed by the recipient's name is a good way to start.
  • The letter has to give out the purpose in the very first paragraph. This helps in clearly conveying the message.
  • The letter has to give relevant facts like date, time and venue of the event in the beginning itself. This helps the reader in planning his schedule accordingly.
  • Make sure that the invitees know the way to the venue. You can inset a map and directions to reach venue with the letter.
  • Let the invitees know that they have to inform the organizers whether they will attend the event or not before a specified date. Give the reader the details about the person whom to contact to confirm their attendance for the occasion. This should be the last line of the letter.
  • Proofread the letter thoroughly before sending it to the invitees. The letter has to be flawless.
  • The letter should use fonts that are professional and readable.

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