Letter of Request

The letters of request can be written for various purposes in different situations. These letters are written in different formats as per its type and purpose of request. Most of the request letters are written for the following goals:

All these types of request letters differ in their content. Here are some guidelines for writing letters of request for different purposes:

Letter of request for job interview

If you are writing a letter of request to the hiring manager or employer for a job interview, you must introduce yourself to the reader. Discuss the job details and or required qualifications and highlight your strengths that are suitable for the job. Study the company before applying for the job. This will help you in providing necessary information to the employer. You can describe why you are interested in that particular field, industry or organization. You must mention when you will be available for an interview to discuss other about the job.

Letter of request for specific Information

Letters of request are written to get some specific information from someone. You must use a polite tone while writing this type of request letters. This will delight the reader Provide the reasons for asking that information in brief. Remember, you must mention your contact information in a letter of request that is written for specific information (address, telephone number or e-mail address).

Request for recommendation

Letters of requests are also written when you need to be recommended by someone or your project requires recommendation from your supervisor or professor. Describe the purpose for the recommendation. Provide brief and specific information about your work. You must mention why your project should be recommended by highlighting the strengths and advantages of your project. Ask the reader to contact you for more information about it. Finally, express your thankfulness for considering your letter of request.

Request letters for Promotion

A letter of request written for promotion needs to be direct in purpose or it should clearly state why you should be promoted. Discuss your qualifications if they are enough to promote you from the current post to the desired position. Provide the specific details of your service, experience in the industry and your achievements.

This will help you in convincing the reader. A letter of request for promotion must be polite in language. Mention your gratitude for taking time to consider your request for promotion.

To conclude, the primary goal for writing the letters of request is to request an employer or any organization to accept your proposal or provide specific information. Hence, polite tone must be maintained throughout the letter to impress the reader.

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