Letter to Cancel an Appointment

A letter is written to cancel an appointment if you cannot make it due to some genuine reason. This letter has to state in detail the date, time, venue, and the name of the person you had appointment with, which you are canceling. Such a letter has to be written in advance, once you understand that you cannot be present for the appointment. This helps the reader to schedule another meeting or appointment in the place of cancelation.

It helps in running a business smoothly and maintaining a healthy professional relationship. This letter is a good gesture and helps in anticipation from other party. The letter has to be short and clear. The tone that is used in the letter has to be positive and soft. The letter has to strongly convey the reason of cancelation of the appointment.

Christopher Smith
Finance Executive
ABC Corporation
1100 Las Tablas Road,
Templeton, CA,
United States
(805) 434-3500

Date: December 15, 2008

Lisa Scott
Finance Executive
Apple Software Limited
13476 Washington Boulevard,
Marina Del Rey, CA,
United States
(310) 821-4967

Dear Lisa,

I am sorry to cancel my appointment on December 20, at 10.30 am slated at your corporate office as I am going out of station for personal reasons. I understand this meeting was of great importance for future projects of both the companies. I will reschedule the appointment once I am back in town. My secretary will contact your office and fix up a new appointment.

My mother is suffering from cardiac problems for quite a long time. The doctor has advised her to undergo an urgent heart surgery in Texas. The surgery is scheduled tomorrow. I am moving to Texas today evening to be with her during surgery and post surgery. I am taking a ten day break from all my official commitments. I will be in the town after December 26. I will fix all my meetings and appointments after my arrival.

I decided to go to Texas this very morning, so I'm writing this letter to inform you. I hope this will not disturb your schedule. Sorry for inconvenience. I look forward to meet you in person for the appointment which I will reschedule and my office will let you know the time, date and venue in advance.

Yours truly,

Christopher Smith

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